How to Store Purses to Maximize Your Space

How to store purses


Szymon Brzoska / The Style Stalker

Your handbags contain your most essential items, come along with you everywhere you go, and faithfully protect your belongings. But how are you taking care of them? When your favorite clutches and satchels are off duty, it’s essential to have a storage plan for your most beloved bags. There are a variety of ways to store purses, and the best solutions tend to vary by type of bag, as well as how much storage space you have. But whatever your scenario, there’s definitely a better option than shoving your latest purchase into a corner to collect dust. Read on for a few of our favorite tips on how to store purses safely and stylishly.

A Dedicated Shelf

This is a good option for closets with a shelf directly above your clothes. Section off as much space as you need, and then place bags upright, side-by-side, and vertically so that they’re easy to see and grab. One of the best perks about this method for purse storage is that you can see them right next to your wardrobe, making accessorizing easier than ever. For bonus points, consider arranging your bags by color, size, or type.

Mounted Hooks

Hooks are ideal for varied purse collections or for the girl who has one of everything. Hooks can typically be easily installed either inside or outside the closet. This method is great if you’re looking to save space. As a tip, consider length when you’re buying hooks (longer hooks will be able to store more purses), and keep in mind that wider is better. Razor-thin hooks can create dents and creases in shoulder straps.

Magazine Racks

A creative solution for purse storage is to stash them in a magazine rack. These can vary by size, from small-scale desktop organizers to full-on columns or space-saving versions that can be attached to the back of a door. This method isn’t optimal for totes or satchels, but it is ideal for organizing your collection of clutches and envelope-style handbags.

Boxes and Bins

One of the most universal approaches to storing purses is the use of boxes or bins. When done poorly, this method can be chaotic, but when done right, it can keep handbags beautifully organized and in top condition. If you decide to go this route, there are a few key tips to keep in mind.

First, make sure to choose the right size of boxes or bins. Measure your closet and your largest handbag, and take the area you intend to store them into account.

Next, make sure you’ve allotted enough storage space so that the items don’t get squished or misshapen. For vintage, delicate, and high-end luxury handbags that you don’t use often, consider bins or boxes that completely seal and offer the best protection.

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