The Tried and True Way to Keep Your Sweaters From Shedding

If there's one category of fashion that everyone will undoubtedly have in their wardrobes right now, it's knitwear—more specifically speaking, sweaters. Whether it's a soft cashmere crewneck or a chunky oversized cardigan, sweaters have a way of not only being ultra-cozy but also chic as heck. That said, nothing ruins the moment of wearing a good sweater as much as when it starts to shed. Luckily, when you know how to stop a sweater from shedding—or at the very least, how to keep it at bay—you'll be happy every time you pull your knits out for the day. And better yet, they'll last longer, too.

To help make sure your knitwear gets the best treatment possible, we asked Mandkhai Jargalsaikan, the designer behind the Mongolian knitwear brand Mandkhai to share her best tips on everything you can do to avoid maximum shedding. Scroll down to see what she has to say below.

Rotate Your Knitwear

According to the designer, all-natural fibers like cashmere pill and shed, which usually happens from rubbing against different surfaces. However, if you want to keep them from rubbing in the same places all the time, she suggests regularly rotating your sweaters and caring for them properly.

Handpick Any Existing Pilling

In the case that your sweater has already started to shed or pill, Jargalsaikan suggests gently picking the bubbles by hand instead of shaving, as that will remove a lot of fiber and will cause potential holes in the cashmere sweater over time. "I know it's more time consuming, but it’s worth it in the end," she shares. "Good-quality cashmere will stop pilling after a while and gets even softer with every wash."

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