How to Keep Your Bra From Showing Under a Sleeveless Top

Not too long ago, on a semi-warm summer day at the office, I was wearing a sleeveless sweater when my co-worker remarked that she had the same exact one, but avoided wearing it to work because her bra always shows on the sides. After ushering her into a corner, I preceded to show her how I’d discovered the most amazing detail on my already-favorite bra. What was it? A tiny easy-to-miss hook on the back of the straps that converts it into a racerback style.

Now, let me backtrack for a moment and mention that I’m really not into racerback bras. As a matter of personal taste, I much prefer the look of a classic cut. But when it comes to work and other occasions where you’d like to look professional, having the option of converting your bra makes all the difference—especially when the weather is warm and you’re more likely to opt for something without sleeves. Hence, why I love mine so much. Whenever I need to, I just hook the back. It not only keeps the straps from showing, but the lace on the sides stops peeping out through the armholes too. 

To see and shop the bra in question, along with a few other convertible options, simply keep scrolling!

If you prefer to stick with the bras you have, this clip will do the trick as well!

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Opening Image: A Love Is Blind 

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