What to Buy From the Zara Sale, According to Your Personal Style


Collage Vintage

The annual summer Zara sale officially started last week, and in true Who What Wear fashion, we swept the site for all of the items we thought would be worth your while. Well, if there's anything we've learned from pouring money time and time again into these sales, it's that the retailer always throws in more product, people will probably return that one sold out item you had your eye on, and that the prices continue to get lower as time goes on. So in an effort to further simplify the process of shopping the overwhelming number of marked-down product at Zara, we organized all the best pieces (of the moment) according to popular personal style types people tend to identify with.

The ones that made the list today are classic, minimalist, eclectic, trend-forward, sporty, and elegant. Including shoes, bags, dresses, and more, the selection ahead is basically 30 of the best products currently available at the affordable retailer we all know and love. Knowing you, you identify with more than just one style type, so our hope is that you use the categories below to help build a more well-rounded wardrobe (that currently happens to be half the price).


Wear this as a top or a long cardigan. 

Throw on a white T-shirt and call it a day.

The elevated way to wear a straw bag. 

Breezy tops like this are a must if you live anywhere humid. 


These will go with all your formal attire plus your favorite jeans. 

Think outside the box when it comes to cocktail attire. 

Now that's what we call a summertime clutch. 


Shorts suits might be one of our favorite summer trends. 

Pack this on your next beach vacation. 


A classic blazer with just enough of a twist. 

You'll be wearing these for seasons to come. 

No normal pair of khaki pants could ever compare. 

Dress this timeless slip dress up or down with ease. 

We love the unstructured fit of this long trench coat. 


Zara's chain prints are pretty exceptional if we do say so ourselves. 

This orange will be a lot more wearable than you think. 

Mixing prints is the easiest way to give old pieces new life, but we also think you should buy this new skirt. 

Add some last-minute sparkle to your look with this set of barrettes. 

This crochet top is almost too cute to be true. 


The perfect counterpart to a pair of bike shorts. 

Can one really own too many graphic tees? The answer is no.