I'm an Outfit Repeater at My Core—See How to Style 5 Pieces in Multiple Ways

When I say I love my clothes, I truly mean it. I cherish them from the second they get delivered to my door, and I make sure they get the attention they deserve. It's a common misconception that standout and trendy pieces can only be worn a few times, but just because something isn't considered a "basic" for everyone, that doesn't mean it can't be a versatile piece in your closet. Some of my most-worn pieces have been the out-there items other people with different styles told me I wouldn't wear more than once. There are new trends popping up on the fashion scene constantly, so it's just not viable to limit your use of the pieces you're purchasing.

Of course, there are the pieces that are reserved for special occasions, but I'm here to help you get your money's worth from the trendy pieces you don't think can be worn more than once. Lizzie McGuire may have been embarrassed to be an outfit repeater, but there's no shame in the game here.

Below, I rounded up my favorite trendy items and gave three options to style each, sourced straight from my favorite fashion people on Instagram. It's easy to see things from a cookie-cutter view and think there's only one way to style a trendy item, but I promise the key to finding your personal style and being content with what you wear is to experiment with different outfit varieties.

Plissé Set

I'm a huge fan of anything plissé simply because of how comfortable (and effortless) it is. Just look at the three options below. Invest in a set and you'll have multiple outfits ready to go.


(Image credit: @DISCODAYDREAM)

Option 1: Keep it simple—wear the set as is and pair it with minimal accessories. The plissé deserves its own moment sometimes.


(Image credit: @thatgirlyusra)

Option 2: Layering is the game. While the set has texture, it's still simple enough to layer with a button-down or a blazer. A colored button-down is a great way to add a little fun to the look while still keeping it relaxed.


(Image credit: @INDYABROWN)

Option 3: Break the pieces apart! The pants or top can act as a statement on its own. Pair with a plain tee and printed button-down for the perfect cool-girl ensemble.


Tailored suiting has held a strong spot in the fashion scene. Although blazers and trousers have been at the forefront, the vest is the third piece making its mark.


(Image credit: @ITSAMRIT)

Option 1: There's never harm in sticking to a full matching set, even with tailored pieces. Add a fun pair of shoes as Amrit did above to take away from the "corporate" look of the suiting.


(Image credit: @ANNA__LAPLACA)

Option 2: There are days when you match, and there are days when you don't. Stick to tailored pieces, but mix and match the colors or prints.


(Image credit: @DEBORABROSA)

Option 3: As the colder weather starts to come around, layering will be your best friend. A crisp poplin shirt underneath just makes everything look so put-together. To avoid looking like you're coming out of a scene of The Office, complete the look with lightweight contrasting trousers.

Printed Second-Skin Top

When I first was thinking about buying a printed second-skin top, I was nervous it wouldn't be versatile. Boy was I wrong. Not only do I find unique prints that bring joy to my closet, but I also find myself wearing them a little too often because that's how great they are to style. Don't be fooled by their trend level—I consider them wardrobe basics.


(Image credit: @alyssainthecity)

Option 1: It's easy to pair a fun top with jeans or simple slacks, but try to think out of the box and get pants in a coordinating color that's not neutral. It'll flow and look incredibly cool.


(Image credit: @champagnemani)

Option 2: Bring on the layering! When I'm trying to get a top to look different, adding an additional layer does the trick. Thick sweaters or leather separates are great since they have different textures that make the outfit much more interesting.


(Image credit: @thatgirlyusra)

Option 3: To make things a bit more dressed up, pair the top with a midi skirt or miniskirt to contrast the fitted silhouette with something airier.

Colored Button-Down

Although a white button-down is usually every member of the fashion set's go-to, saturated shades have taken over. Their vibrancy makes them look like they're hard to style, but it's a lot easier to do than you think.


(Image credit: @slipintostyle)

Option 1: Pair something bright and extra with… something bright and extra. Why not go all out? The printed skirt above is a perfect example of a coordinating piece with vibrancy.


(Image credit: @thefrankieshop)

Option 2: The button-down has an intense color to stand on its own, so for an easy outfit, add a white top and simple trousers or jeans. If you're feeling like the look needs more, you can accessorize it to your liking.


(Image credit: @camillecharriere)

Option 3: If the top comes with matching bottoms, do yourself a favor and purchase them so you can have an easy five-minute outfit. if not, you can also pair your colored button-down with pieces in the same color range. (This tangerine top would pair so well with a coordinating piece in apricot, no?)

Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots aren't just reserved for riding horses anymore. Out of all the trends to come onto the fashion scene in the past few years, this has to be my favorite. 


(Image credit: @CASSDIMICCO)

Option 1: Whenever I think of shorts and cowboy boots, I think of Lorelai Gilmore on Rory's first day at Chilton in Gilmore Girls. Channel your inner Stars Hallow and don the outfit combo, but maybe instead of a raggedy T-shirt like Lorelai, opt for a crisp button-down.


(Image credit: @anaasaber)

Option 2: Play around with texture and color. Outfits with cowboy boots don't have to be simple. You can even opt for a pair of printed jeans with this outfit idea since those happen to be all over the market at the moment.


(Image credit: @alexandra.hildreth)

Option 3: Cowboy boots can be dressed up, too. It can be tempting to wear heels or sandals with a dress, but trust me—cowboy boots will add a wonderful and unexpected touch.

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