These 4 Influencers Always Repeat Their Outfits, and That's Why We Love Them

It's hard to remember a time when everything you mused, liked and—let's face it—ate, wasn't documented on social media. And the effects have certainly been felt where our wardrobes are concerned. For many, posing for an outfit photograph has become part of their daily routines. Of course, some have carved impressive careers from doing so, but at what cost? As it turns out, a financial one.

Our obsession with showcasing our clothes has developed into a culture of excess, where we'd rather buy new than be seen in the same dress for a second or third time. Don't take our word for it—just look at the facts. Carrying out a study in 18,000 households across 20 countries, Movinga asked participants to estimate the percentage of unworn clothes they have in their wardrobes. On average, those in the UK thought it to be 34%. The reality? A whopping 73% of their clothes went unworn.

However, there are those who have long championed rewearing pieces they love. Of course, this isn't a groundbreaking idea, but it's refreshing to see nonetheless. 


Natasha Ndlovu
How to Repeat Outfits:Natasha Ndlovu gets the wear out of her checked blazer



Natasha proves that a strong, checked blazer is worth the investment, as she's worn this style more times on her Instagram than we can count (almost always with a white camisole underneath).

Ada Oguntodu
How to Repeat Outfits: Ada wears her River Island vinyl trench coat with pink pieces



Vinyl outwear may seem polarising, but Ada has worn hers relentlessly this year. Her favourite pieces to pair it with are pink satin dresses and skirts, as well as checked trousers and white footwear—all statement in their own right. 

How to Repeat Outfits: Ada wears her River Island vinyl trench coat with pink pieces


Erica Davies
How to Repeat Outfits: Erica Davies can't get enough of her & Other Stories dress.



It turns out Erica Davies is just as loyal to & Other Stories's dress department as we are, though it seems this purple printed midi is her go-to.

Monikh Dale
How to Repeat Outfits:  Monikh Dale dons her tartan trousers at any given opportunity.



Much like Alexis, Monikh makes her tartan trousers work for different climates with savvy footwear choices. Her combination of standout strides, a timeless camel knit and black accessories is near perfection.

This post was originally published at an earlier time and has since been updated.

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