5 Closet Organizing Tips Perfect for Small Closets

It happened: You’ve outgrown your closet. At least, you think you have. With all those sartorial favorites calling your name from season to season, it was bound to happen eventually. As much as you know you have some killer pieces hiding in the deepest corners of your wardrobe, and though you remember shopping for those gorgeous high-fashion favorites, you can never seem to find anything under the piles that have long since been amassing in your tiny space. And truth be told, our brains are beginning to feel a little like our small closet spaces look—and that’s never good.

Whether in New York, L.A., or somewhere in between, we all know the struggle of a tiny apartment with even tinier closets. What’s a stylish girl to do? Organize, that’s what. While the prospect might be daunting, we’re here to help. We’ve certainly experienced our fair share of closet overhauls and trust us—the light at the end of the tunnel is more than worth it. So after countless attempts and best practices when it comes to organizing our small closets with lots of clothes, we’re sharing our how-tos with you. Scroll through our most effective clothing organizer ideas. They’re truly going to change your life.

Be honest with yourself

If you haven’t worn something in years, it’s probably not worth keeping. Hard as it might seem, try to detach yourself from the memories of that really fun BBQ with friends or that first date with an S.O. who has long been forgotten and recognize the fact that someone else might be happier in that dress than you are. That said, if it’s a super-special designer piece, vintage acquisition, or something you know might come back into your sartorial life, keep it along for the ride!

Invest in your space

Crazy as it might seem to buy more stuff to conquer the already overflowing situation you have going on, it’s going to be well worth it. Consider shopping for slim hangers that will allow you to fit more clothing in there without jamming everything into your tiny space. Another great investment is a cohesive set of shoe boxes so that you not only make all your kicks much more accessible than that growing pile on your floor but you’re also not wasting any space that might be lost by original shoe boxes that are all different sizes.


The old fashion intern in all of us gets practically giddy with the thought of merchandising a rack of clothing. Not only does it look Instagram perfect, but it also makes everything so much easier to find when we don’t want to flip through every single item we own to find a simple black camisole. Group like items together, like trousers with trousers and blouses with blouses, but take it one step further and give your groupings the rainbow treatment.

Stuff your handbags

Whether you’re using tissue paper, dust bags, or some more high-tech option, stuffing your most prized possessions is nonnegotiable. Though we’d like to think you can give up some valuable real estate on a shelf for your gorgeous bags, the reality is that sometimes their home is just the floor. No matter where you throw them, though, they’re apt to lose their shape quickly, so it’s important to preserve them as best you can by making sure they don’t collapse in on themselves. And it wouldn’t hurt to stick them in a dust bag.

Migrate your accessories

Take up some real estate outside of your closet to put some of your favorite accessories on display. Though that might sound counter-intuitive, it will not only ensure that smaller items, like sunglasses and jewelry, remain intact, but it will also give you a fun way to show off your most statement-making pieces.

Start investing in your space

Forget spring-cleaning: summer is the time to really make it happen and organize your life, starting with your wardrobe.

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