3 Realistic Tips Anyone Can Follow to Look More Stylish This Fall


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Ready to kick it up a notch in the fashion department? We’re always game for amping up our style quotient with our existing closet, so we applied this lens to the latest round of street style images straight from Paris Fashion Week. If you google “how to look fashionable,” we’re fairly certain the street style denizens of Paris come up first, so we thought they’d be a fruitful group to study. In perusing hundreds of photos, a few common themes emerged that can be realistically applied to anyone’s daily wardrobe. A couple of them focus on how to wear color, and a third highlights the standout piece you already likely own and how to wear it to great effect. Scroll on for an in-depth look at our three lessons on how to look a bit more stylish without having to spend a dime.

1. Opt for Accessories That Aren't Black or Brown


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The eye-catching boots also come in optic white. We recommend getting both!


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A muted lemon bag plus PVC and white mules make for a pretty pairing. 


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A red bag may seem like a bold move, but it can really function almost as a neutral.


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We had to feature Lisa Aiken again because she is such a master at this tip. White shoes are a great go-with-anything alternative to black and brown.

2. Layer a Turtleneck


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Is it a trench? Is it a dress? All that we know is it's chicer with a turtleneck underneath. Celine boots help too.


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A bodysuit version of a turtleneck is ideal for a super-sleek effect.


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For when temperatures really drop, master the triple layer with a turtleneck, like this street style savant.


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A zip-up top is a slightly less expected complement to a turtleneck layered underneath.

3. Take a Color Palette and Run With It


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These two practically wrote the book on how to look more stylish. Either pick one color and go for it, mixing subtle differences in shade à la Jeanette Madsen in green, or pick a family of colors, like how Thora Valdimars paired warm tones on the right.


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All brown with bright white boots feels like a fresh way to approach fall.


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Yellow, cream, and white make for a lovely look.


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Brown, burgundy, and tan all feel like similar seasonal hues, which is why they work together to great effect here.

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