How to Hide Panty Lines No Matter What You're Wearing


Collage Vintage

Nothing kills a killer fashion look quicker than gauche panty lines appearing alongside your otherwise-flawless outfit. Whether it's white pants, silk skirts, or tailored dresses, so many fashion pieces seem to welcome the uninvited guest, and yet with the right undergarments, it's possible to hide panty lines no matter what you're wearing. Don't let a tricky piece dissuade you from taking a fashion risk (or encourage you to go commando). Instead, invest in the right underwear styles to stop panty lines in their tracks, and let your outfit make the statement without distractions.

For starters, the best bet is choosing underwear that's most similar to your skin tone. Most brands offer a range of colorways close to skin tones, so don't just grab what they might describe as "nude," but find a shade that's close to how light or dark you are. Second, fabrications can be important for keeping underwear undetected. Though typically a popular choice, lace is almost always a no-no when choosing underwear for a trickier outfit that is prone to showing panty lines. Instead, opt for a seamless style with no adornment or detailing. Cotton and nylon are the best materials, especially in stretch iterations. Below we've detailed four fail-safe undergarment styles that'll ensure you stay comfortable while avoiding panty lines.