The 5 Basic Principles of a Perfect Wardrobe

Do you ever look at your overfilling wardrobe and think of everything you don’t own or how you have nothing to wear? Us too, and we suspect it’s because the collection of clothes we own doesn’t pass our five-item checklist for a complete wardrobe. As the season of spring cleaning is upon us, we thought it would be an ideal time to revisit these key principles, so we can all identify what to clear out, and what we need to buy just in time for the warmer weather.

Scroll down to see if your clothes embody the five qualities of a complete wardrobe, and to shop our picks to fill in the gaps!

The best outfits comprise a combination of staples and statement, trend-driven pieces. So if your closet lacks variety and you don’t have options for both categories, you’re always going to feel unsatisfied with your wardrobe.

While it can seem counterintuitive in the moment to spend more on a quality item to save in the long run, you’ll find your wardrobe has more staying power season after season. Plus, your day-to-day outfits will look more expensive.

You’ll find your most loved wardrobe pieces fulfill both form and function qualities. We bet you have no problem buying beautiful, aesthetically-pleasing clothes (fulfilling the “form” half of the equation), but the item also must be practical (fulfilling the “function” necessity). This means no awkward fit, scratchy fabric, or annoying logistics.

It’s obvious that the most versatile items in your closet will get the most use, but you’ll also find it easier to get dressed in the morning when you have plenty of options that can be mixed and matched, dressed up and dressed down.

Whether your look tends to veer preppy or edgy, your closet needs to reflect your personal style or you’ll never feel content with your wardrobe. Our personality and preferences are constantly evolving, and your clothes should evolve with it so that you feel your outfits are an authentic representation of yourself.

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Would you add any principles to our list? Let us know in the comments below! 

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