This Is the Quickest Way to Get Dressed in the Morning


Welcome to Who What Wear UK’s first-ever Wellness Week. With that back-to-school feeling in the air, we thought what better time to hit reset on the health and happiness of yourself and your wardrobe. From uplifting outfits to savvy ways to update your look to the psychology of our purchasing habits to the pyjamas that will help you get some extra z’s, check back all week for a daily boost of style success. 

Need more sleep? Want to squeeze in an early gym session? Or maybe you want to luxuriate over your breakfast bircher for that extra 10 minutes? We hear you on all fronts. Whatever your motivation is for cutting down your wardrobe regimen in the morning, we’ve got a surefire five-pronged method that’ll save you time on the bright side of the clock so you can get ready really fast every morning. What’s more, following these simple style steps will ensure that every time you step out of your front door, you are able to roll with whatever the day throws at you, at your sartorial best.

Scroll down to find out how to get dressed the best (and really quickly).

Organise Your Wardrobe

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Wise Up on the Weather Forecast

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Do the Practical Reality Check

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Prep Your Outfit the Night Before

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Be Handbag-Ready

Next up! The biggest A/W 17 fashion trends you need to know about. 

Philippa Morgan Walker