Remove Stains With These Easy Tricks


Collage Vintage

If you’ve ever spilled a glass of red wine, smudged your lipstick onto a white shirt, or thrown something red into a load of your sheets, it’s probably left a pink stain that seems impossible to remove. If you’re curious about how to get rid of them, there are some easy methods that will banish them for good. Ahead we’re breaking down how to get pink stains out of white clothes.

1. If the stain is due to makeup, try placing rubbing alcohol on the garment and blot with a cotton ball.

2. Take a cup of non-chlorine bleach or distilled vinegar, and combine it with your usual detergent. Then wash the stained clothing.

3. If this proves unsuccessful, soak the garments in oxygen-based bleach and cold water for approximately eight hours.

4. Repeat these steps until the stain disappears, and do not tumble dry your clothing until the stain is removed.

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