The Exact Products Makeup Artists Use on Celeb Clients to Make Their Skin Glow

Every makeup artist has their own beat. They're artists, after all. That said, there's a masterful set of makeup artists who have a reputation within the industry for creating the most glowing, dewiest, mesmerizing skin moments. Watching their tutorials and IG videos is deliciously addictive, and they've perfected the art of layering serums, creams, foundation, powders, and mists to incandescent levels of radiance that only make their celebrity clients all the more flawless. (Not entirely fair, but we'll deal.) So who are these super artists, and how can you achieve their looks at home? We're about to introduce you.

I stalk a litany of major makeup artists for a variety of reasons and moods, but when I need a glowy-skin fix, I look to celebrity makeup artists Nam Vo, Patrick Ta, Tobi Henney, and Katie Jane Hughes. There's something so satisfying about watching these four makeup artists, in particular, dip into a pot of shimmer or gloss, and I always keep their feeds one finger-tap distance away for ethereal makeup inspiration.

Below, I'm breaking down each artist's major celeb clients, four key products they use over and over again, and some IG footage for good measure. Because, yes, their work in motion is all the more captivating. If you've ever wanted to know how to get glowy skin like a celeb, keep scrolling. You won't be disappointed.

1. Nam Vo

Celeb Clients: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Kylie Jenner, Chrissy Teigen



Her Glow Essentials

The Blush

In this video here, Vo cites this creamy multipurpose lip-and-cheek pot in Fresh Melon as one of her all-time favorites. 

The Lid Star

As pretty as this glittering, see-through gel is in the pot, it looks all the more mesmerizing as Vo slickly applies it across her model clients' lids. 

The Highlighter

Beautyblender doesn't just make the best makeup sponges. It's also been debuting a steady stream of truly amazing makeup formulas. Vo loves tapping this exact formula on the high points of her clients' cheekbones. 

The Lip

Hack: Vo applies this sheer, ultra-shiny lippie from Dior on her cheeks too. Her go-to shade? Magnetic Smile. 

2. Patrick Ta

Celeb Clients: Dua Lipa, Gigi Hadid, Adriana Lima



His Glow Essentials

The Foundation

This foundation is an investment, but a little goes a long way, and Ta, an ambassador for La Mer, pretty much always uses it to prep his clients. (And it makes their skin look flawless so…)

The Sculptor

This stunning gold compact is a universal favorite among makeup artists, but most recently, I witnessed Ta use it at Sephoria to sculpt his model's face to perfection. (Tip: He used a damp Beautyblender to press the formula into the cheekbones, along the jawline, and around the forehead for the most natural finish.)

The Highlighter

Since he's known for his glowy-skin aesthetic, it only makes sense that Ta would debut his own line of radiance enhancers. This ultra-fine mist comes in three different shades and is virtually foolproof spritzed anywhere on the face or body. Although, Ta says he avoids getting highlighter too close to the eye because it can dramatically change the shape and look of a client's face. Try spritzing on the flat part of the cheekbones and above the eyebrow for the right balance. 

The Lip

This shimmering gloss is so lightweight it almost feels like a balm. That said, no balm we've ever tried has ever made our pout look as plump or lustrous as Ta's very own formula, which, obviously, he always uses on his famous clientele. 

3. Tobi Henney

Celeb Clients: Shanina Shaik, Ashley Graham, Duckie Thot



Her Glow Essentials

The Primer

You've surely heard of its famous big sister Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation ($64), but according to Henney, this satiny, moisture-rich primer is an essential first step when creating the ultimate canvas for glowy skin.

The Highlighter

If you don't subscribe to Tobi Henney's YouTube channel, A) do so now, please, and B) you'll fast discover this cult-loved pressed highlighting powder (in the shade Champagne Pop) is one of her most-used products when creating photogenic, glowy skin.

The Lip

This Glass Glow Lip Gloss is also a staple on Henney's feed. Unlike most glosses, it has zero stick but is insanely reflective and mirror-like. Hence, you know, the name. Plus, it's available in three different universally flattering shades. 

The Bronzer

We always see this huge golden compact in Henney's hands. It's studded with gilded shimmer, which might sound intimidating but only ever makes her clients look insanely radiant—like they're walking around under luminescent candlelight. 

Henney's Glow in Action

4. Katie Jane Hughes

Celeb Clients: Kerry Washington, Naomi Campbell, Hailey Bieber

Her Glow Essentials

The Foundation

According to Hughes, she used this new handy foundation stick on Hailey to achieve her luminous glow. It's clean, water-based and packed with hydration—not to mention a helpful dose of SPF 25. (And yes, you still need SPF in the fall and winter to maintain healthy, dewy skin!)

The Eyeshadow Palette

Also used on Hailey? This gorgeous shimmering new palette from Bare Minerals. The dusky-pink hues are perfect for fall and have just enough shimmer to work day, night, or both. Plus, each shadow is loaded with amazing ingredients like the brand's Blurring Mineral Complex, a unique blend of botanicals, and Color Smart Pearls to achieve an amazing reflective quality. 

The Lid Star

Not used on Hailey, but these high-shine glitter pigments are Hughes's number one secret when it comes to creating a seriously spellbinding eye moment. (See her look below!) She used the hue Stellar on me here, and you'll see these adorable pots sprinkled healthily around her IG feed as well. (We dare you to buy just one.) For wet-looking eyes, Hughes says Bodyography is always it.

The Allover Gloss

Again, not used on Hailey, but this clear, juicy gloss is quite iconic, and it just so happens to be one of Hughes's have-to-have-it products for an allover glow. We've seen it, of course, on her feed, and here, she told Into the Gloss that it's one of her "go-to glossy things." Despite the fact that it's sticky, she says she uses it everywhere because nothing looks better than the gloss on camera.