This Quiz Will Help You Actually Find a Bra That Fits

Did you know that 60% of women are wearing the wrong bra size? That's a pretty big percentage of wrongness for something we wear every single day. In a perfect world, getting to a department store or specialty lingerie boutique for a proper fitting would be ideal, but the truth is no one has time for that, which is precisely why lingerie brand ThirdLove created a quiz called the FitFinder Quiz to do all the proper fitting for you.

So far, over three million women have taken this revolutionary quiz to discover their true bra size once and for all. We know what you're thinking: How can an online quiz tell me what kind of bra I should be wearing? That's something you need to try on in person. Well, the FitFinder Quiz does an incredible job of factoring in breast shape; height; your current favorite bra brand and size; fit issues you have with that bra; how the band, cups, and straps fit; and more (as if that weren't enough).

The brand further informed us that "the quiz is not uniform, so one question leads to the next to determine the appropriate results. The FitFinder will then let you know if you are wearing the correct bra size or not. It will give you your results, recommending a specific bra style for your shape and size. The brand offers over 47 sizes, including their signature half-cup sizes to ensure the perfect fit." According to the results, the top three most popular breast shapes reported from the quiz are bell shaped, relaxed, and side set, which results in the most common fit issues—straps slipping, cup gaping, and side overflow. Thanks to the quiz, the most common bra-fit issues can now be solved. Curious to find out what real bra size (and what breast shape) you are?

Go on to get a glimpse into the FitFinder quiz and to shop ThirdLove bras we love.