These 6 Trends Are the Fountain of Youth

Our feed is full of stylish women of all ages, and lately, we’ve been noticing some items that span generations. These trends are being pulled off by women aged 20 to 70, and they lend an air of youthfulness to their looks, whether it’s because they’re playful, unexpected, or downright millennial-endorsed. We firmly believe anyone can wear what they please at any age, so we were quite encouraged to see such a wide age range supporting these trends.

If you’ve ever wondered how to dress younger, which styles are popular among all ages, or are simply curious about these “fountain of youth” trends, scroll down to take a peek.


There’s something about a pair of white sneakers that’s the opposite of stuffy. If your style leans toward looking overly polished, a pair of sneakers is the perfect piece to shake it up. It’s just a bonus that they happen to be so comfortable.

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Mixed prints are the free spirit on this list. Even if your prints are “pre-mixed” into one piece, like a dress, it still has the same attention-drawing effect.


Millenials and Gen-Xers love athleisure, which is probably why the trend has a youthful bent. Anyone can pull it off, though. See the examples below that prove it.

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Available in sizes XS to XL.


Animal print 100% is having a moment. There’s something inherently playful about the pattern, making it feel fresh and full of life.

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Available in sizes 34 to 42.


Wearing statement hues conveys that you welcome attention and aren’t shy about having all eyes on you. We predicted the bold color trend would be big at the end of last year, and it’s taken off in ways we didn’t even expect. The most fearless color connoisseurs will try intentional clashing.

Available in sizes XS to 4X.


Layering your clothes in unexpected ways sends a clear message: I don’t need to follow rules or convention. Why not surprise yourself by testing some creative combinations?

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Available in sizes S to XL.

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