Street Style–Approved Ways to Wear a White Tee and Jeans Right Now

White tees to blue jeans are like white bread to bacon, or chocolate to pretzels, or chips to tomato ketchup—they just wouldn't be the same without each other. However, the fashion formula can become a bit predictable, particularly if it's your go-to outfit on a daily basis. When this happens, we always try to hunt out other ways street style types have been able to make theirs look fresh and exciting. Whether that's adding an interesting pair of heels or opting for trend-led denim instead of basic skinny jeans, we've discovered some new tricks to help you change up the look, and they don't have to cost you a penny. Scroll through to see five tee-and-jeans looks that are anything but boring.

#1: Just add heels


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Style Notes: The simplest of ways to upgrade the white-tee look? Go for straight jeans plus a chic crew-neck and classic courts. 

#2: Drape that jacket


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Style Notes: Want to switch up your formula a bit? Opt for interesting heels, roll the sleeves up of your tee, and wear a jacket draped around your arms in the most Balenciaga way possible.

#3: Try baggy jeans and sneakers


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Style Notes: Not a heels kind of woman? Go old-school with a pair of loose-fitting jeans, and finish the look with Nike Cortez trainers.

#4: Go for ripped jeans


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Style Notes: Ripped jeans are the easiest way to make this look feel fresh. Pair with flats for added polish.

#5: Try a slogan tee


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Style Notes: A subtle slogan tee can do wonders to make a statement and give the look a new twist. Finish off with a pair of must-have Gucci heels.

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Elinor Block