How to Dress for Every Age, According to J.Crew

From a brand helmed by a woman in her mid-40s, it's no real surprise that J.Crew is forward-thinking when it comes to style for women of varying ages. Its aesthetic might seem young—so many sequins, bright colors, and modern silhouettes—but when Jenna Lyons wears the collection, that perception goes out the window.

And the folks over at J.Crew have just further proved their age-defying prowess. We spotted this Style at Every Age editorial on their site, put together by lead stylist Gayle Spannaus, and we're in love with the ways they encourage all sorts of women—in their 20s through their 60s—to dress. Each look embodies the J.Crew aesthetic but feels different enough to set each decade apart. Bottom line: Each woman looks great wearing what makes her feel good. So how can you pull off the J.Crew look?

Keep scrolling to see (and shop) J.Crew's suggestions!