How to Clean Silver Jewelry in 3 Easy Steps

how to clean silver jewelry


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While gold jewelry has long been a standard among fashion girls, this season we’re seeing a shift. Right now, silver is making a comeback in a huge way. (Perhaps it’s all the Western-inspired pieces we saw on the fall runways?) That said, there’s no doubt that silver pieces deserve a place in your jewelry box. Look no further than the cool-girl designs of Sophie Buhai and Jennifer Fisher for proof.

If you’ve gotten into silver lately and want to invest in a pair of architectural earrings, a pendant necklace, or a simple bangle, you’ll need to know how to clean it. This metal can quickly get tarnished and dull if it isn’t cleaned properly, but thankfully it’s easy to manage. Ahead, we’re breaking down three easy steps for cleaning silver jewelry. Write these steps down, and then shop our favorite silver jewelry pieces.

1. Use a Cleaning Solution

How to clean silver jewelry



Dip the jewelry into a cleaning solution like Goddard’s Instant Jewelry Cleaner ($8), and let it soak for one to two minutes.

2. Rinse

How to clean silver jewelry



Rinse the silver piece in warm water.

3. Dry and Polish

Use a soft cloth to gently blot the jewelry dry as you polish it.

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