I Just Did a Major Closet Clean-Out—See the 3 Unexpected Items I'll Never Purge


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At the start of a new year, I like to take inventory of my wardrobe and clear out the pieces I no longer wear. Doing this annually allows me to edit down my closet to contain only items I really love. As I've been doing so for 2023 I've been thinking about the lightning speed at which trends cycle these days and how that plays a major role in our collective overconsumption. So in an effort to be a more mindful consumer, I've started to streamline my wardrobe to focus less on trends and more on quality pieces that I genuinely love. And the recent runways at NYFW tell me I'm not the only one—it seems major fashion houses are shifting away from flashy trends to re-focus on versatile wardrobe staples.

With all of this swirling around in my brain, I cleared out a ton of pieces I don't find myself wearing anymore to either sell or donate. That being said, I did find myself holding on to some specific items the younger version of myself may have parted ways with. But with age comes wisdom, and I've learned that there are certain pieces that I'm virtually guaranteed to wear again down the road even if I'm not at this exact moment. Below I'm sharing my tips for how to clean out a closet with three items I'll never purge.

One contingency that won't be outlined below but I highly recommend you hold onto are items with sentimental value. In my opinion, anything meaningful to you deserves a place in your closet regardless of if you actually wear it. Maybe it's something you got on a trip, a gift from someone you love, or an item that's been passed down from a family member, but those are things you should never purge—call me sentimental, but they're priceless. 



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This one might be controversial, but hear me out. Uggs ebb and flow in popularity, consistently coming in and out of style at the drop of a hat. But if you own a pair that you may be considering parting ways with—don't. I recently had to purchase a new pair because my previous ones finally gave out, and I kid you not when I say that pair had lasted me 17 years. They're well made and will quite literally last you decades, so even if you don't find yourself wearing them right at this moment I suggest you hold onto them. 



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Denim silhouettes are notorious for cycling in popularity, but straight-leg jeans are timeless. Sure, another fit may be what you're gravitating toward right now, but a quality pair of straight legs are forever. If you have a pair that fits you well I promise you will find yourself reaching for them again in the not-so-distant future. 



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Leather jackets are another category where different iterations and silhouettes will reign supreme for a season or two, but these things cycle and you'll be glad you held onto quality leather. Right now, the fashion world is all about oversize silhouettes and vintage details, but before we know it we'll be onto the next. A quality leather jacket just gets better with age, so it's 100% worth holding onto. 


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Caitlin Burnett
Contributing Editor