I Buy All of My Jeans Online—These Are My 5 Tricks for No Returns


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As a digital fashion editor, online shopping is second nature to me now, and that includes shopping for jeans—one of the trickiest things to shop for online. Sure, I've had some online jean shopping misses over the years, but I'd say that my success rate is at around 85% at this point. Pretty good, if I do say so myself. 

Although it can be tempting to just buy the same type of jeans from the same brand over and over, I like a little more variety than that in my denim collection. But I also don't really like shopping in stores, and I wear jeans almost every day this time of year. This would be a predicament if shopping for jeans online intimidated me. If this is the case for you too, I'm here to share some of my best tips with you. Keep scrolling for my best denim shopping advice (none of which include trying them on) and to shop some of my favorite pairs.

Trick #1:

Always check fabric contents and measurements.

If you ever thought you were ordering a pair of 100% cotton jeans but received something with copious amounts of stretch, you know the importance of reading the item description. 100% cotton jeans will most likely be rigid, and the higher the percentage of Tencel, Spandex, elastane, etc., the stretchier they'll be. 

As for measurements, before shopping, measure the inseam, waist, rise, and leg opening of your favorite pair of jeans so that you can compare them to the measurements of the new pair you're considering buying.


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Trick #2:

Stick to brands you know.

Although I like variety, as I mentioned before, I do tend to favor a handful of tried-and-true brands, and they're usually brands in which the sizing is pretty consistent among styles. One of my favorites for consistent sizing is Agolde.


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Trick #3:

Read reviews and search Google Images.

Reading reviews is a given and an online shopping "trick" most of us know well. I recommend reading reviews from a variety of retailers, and especially ones in which customers share their measurements and sizing. 

My other trick is to delve into Google Images. With tagging being as widely used as it is now, 


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Trick #4:

Don't spend a lot on trendy styles.

While I usually stick to classics, I also love trying new denim trends. But since I'm probably not going to wear them as much and the trend may not suit me, I like to shop for trendy styles from places like H&M and Zara.


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Trick #5:

When in doubt, order a size up (or order two sizes).

Whenever I do have to send jeans back, it's usually because they're too small. So if I pair looks very slim or stiff, or reviews say to size up, that's what I'll do. And if I really want assurance, I order two sizes and send the one that doesn't fit perfectly back.


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