You Need This Formal Wear Capsule Wardrobe (Because, Weddings)

How to create a formal wear capsule wardrobe


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The secret to always having something to wear to weddings and events is simply knowing how to build a formal capsule wardrobe, which is what we're here to help you with. With the right tools in your closet, you won't ever find yourself scrambling to put together a look the week before a formal or black-tie wedding. While building a formal wear capsule wardrobe may be an initial investment, we guarantee that you'll save money in the end, as gone will be the days of buying things you'll never wear again while in a down-to-the-wire panic.

We narrowed the possibilities down to 18 pieces, all of which will work for a variety of different venues and seasons. With this selection of outerwear, dresses, accessories, and shoes, there will be no need to open those formal-dress-code invitations with dread anymore. So with that, keep scrolling to find out exactly what you need and shop every piece.


What You Need:

Faux-fur coat

Why: These three subtle outerwear options won't clash with your formal attire, but they will provide warmth when needed and pull your look together.

Available in sizes 2 to 8.


What You Need:
Floral-print dress
Versatile slip dress
Packable lace or jacquard
Fancy jumpsuit
Something summer-appropriate
Something festive

Why: These six options cover every season and type of venue, and several are neutral enough to get away with wearing dozens of times (e.g., the black slip dress).

Available in sizes S to L.


What You Need:
Hair accessory
Crossbody mini bag
Pouch bag
Statement earrings

Why: When it comes to formal wear, more isn't always better. Keep your accessories minimal, invest in a couple of functional bags, and you'll be all set.


What You Need:
Fancy flats
Statement shoes
Go-with-everything heels
Walkable block heels

These four pairs of shoes include options that dress up simpler gowns and options that won't distract from bolder ones. Plus, outdoor weddings often have less-than-ideal terrain, so be sure to not skip the flats and block heels.

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