I Wore Just 15 Pieces for a Month, but I Made 30 Outfits

Just a few months ago, I moved from New York to L.A. The move itself was easy, but the challenging part came into play when my clothes got held up in storage. I had brought some essentials with me to the West Coast, but the majority of my wardrobe was packed away in boxes somewhere across the country. Not exactly what I’d planned. Instead of running out to buy a new wardrobe, I decided to try and make the pieces I already had work.

My style is streamlined and minimal, so I’m a big proponent of finding versatile pieces that can work with a number of different outfits. Over the month I weighed heavily on standbys like mid-rise Levi’s, a well-cut T-shirt, and pointed-toe mules. But, I also mixed in on-trend items like a pink satin top and a black vinyl miniskirt. I also made sure to mix in some accessories like statement earrings, a metal handle bag, and a wide belt that helped me transform my basics.

In the end, I didn’t hate my simplified wardrobe. In fact, I liked it. With fewer options, it made getting dressed every day easier, and it allowed me to stick to a sort of “uniform.” Now that the rest of my clothes have arrived and the boxes are unpacked, I’m planning to downsize and resell the things I don’t love. Instead, I’ll be investing in new closet essentials and cool investment pieces I’ll love years from now.

Ahead, see the 15 items I wore for a month straight, along with some of my favorite outfits from the last 30 days.