These Hooded Vests Solve All Your Cold-Weather Problems

Aside from the fact that they can actually be quite stylish for winter, hooded vests boast quite a few perks. First, if you live anywhere that’s prone to rain or snow (aka anywhere but California), you know the hood in itself is a lifesaver that can’t be found on most coats and sweaters. Second, it's easy to layer. This is a big one because we all know the struggle of trying to look stylish while wearing anywhere from 5 to 10 articles of clothing. Style it with hoodies, leather jackets, or even a lightweight coat to instantly add warmth and protection from the elements. To close out the list, let me remind you that the hooded vest keeps you warm without the dreaded arm restriction that comes along with most cold-weather gear. That’s right, you can actually move your arms—if that doesn’t convince, you I don’t know what will. Shop our stylish hooded vest picks below!

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