Honey vs. eBates: A Heated FB Debate on How to Save the Most Money


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From examining the shopping habits that are wasting your money to breaking down what your monthly clothing budget should be, we’re always looking for the best and easiest ways to save money, especially when it comes to online shopping. To add to the list of helpful shopping tips, I recently reached out to our Facebook community to find out if smart shoppers prefer Honey or eBates when it comes to online coupons and earning cash back.

Savvy shopper Samantha Parsons is team eBates all the way: “It is so worth it. Stores you didn’t even think were on there pop up. I have Honey as well but honestly find eBates to be the better of the two. I signed up with a referral link and received $10 after I made my first purchase! Other than that I have made close to $300, but I am a college student, so I do not have the luxury of shopping frequently.” In short? “I would say it’s amazing.”

Our editor in chief, Kat Collings, also weighed in: “I’ve used Honey, but the vast majority of the time it doesn’t find any codes (and especially not any codes that you can’t find on RetailMeNot.com), and then they are just earning commission off you regardless. One time it did save me $20, though, which is great. I use eBates and earn probably $40 every three months or so, which I’ll take! What’s even better though is if your credit card has their own version of eBates because the commission is higher than eBates. I use Chase, and they have it.”

One of our favorite tips, though, was from Sara Cope, who explained, “I use Honey to find the best discount and then I go back and log into eBates to finish the actual transaction and just manually put in the discount from Honey to get the best discount and money back from eBates.” Now that’s dedication. See a peek at the insightful debate in the video clip below.

According to our insiders, eBates seems to win the popular vote and offers more results for the shopper. Be sure to download the eBates tool so you can start saving on the below spring finds.

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