Dream Home: 10 Décor Trends to Invest In, According to a Celeb Interior Designer


We interrupt our regularly scheduled fashion content to talk about another area of great interest to fashion people: home décor. Our living spaces are as much a reflection of our personal style as our clothes are, so it's understandable that it's of such importance. While home décor items can be more of an investment than a new article of clothing, the plus side is that the trend cycles don't move quite as quickly for interiors as they do for fashion.

Speaking of trends, to put together our "dream home" guide, we went straight to the source and asked celebrity interior designer Adair Curtis to fill us in on all the freshest décor trends. In addition to co-founding JSN Studio with his husband, Jason Bolden, Curtis is the interior designer for the new Netflix series Instant Dream Home. Given his credentials, you can trust what he has to say about home décor trends.

For this guide, we took things room by room, and Curtis told us the specific items that are trending in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and every other space in your home. Keep scrolling to discover and shop the chic décor items that are popping up in the homes of the most stylish among us.


The Expert
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Dining Room: Resplendent Rugs


"If there's one room in the home that gets a ton of different usage, it's the dining room. Whether using it to host a small or large gathering, as a workspace with ample room to spread out, a place to gather and play games, or solo dinner, one way to ensure your dining room is always stylish no matter the occasion is by adding an attention-grabbing, space-defining, visually interesting rug. From bright and bold to patterned and earthy, there are a ton of rugs to choose from. Start with measuring your space to know the rug size that works best for you and use your table as a reference. The rug should extend at least 24 inches on all sides."

Kitchen: In Living Color


"Colored kitchen cabinets are making big statements! We're seeing everything from bold glossy or matte black to every color green imaginable. I love this inspired movement of finding new ways to express yourself in your kitchen! And while the all-white kitchen will never go out of style, the kitchen has become another place in which to show your unique style. For those that can't easily change their kitchen cabinet color for whatever reason, such as an inflexible landlord, you can always paint the walls surrounding your cabinets a bold color and even make other temporary updates like applying easy-to-remove contact paper in the color of your choice that can be peeled off when you move out!"

Bathroom: Show 'em Your Personality


"Bathrooms are all about the details. It's where creativity gets to shine—especially in smaller spaces. I fall in love with the tiniest bathrooms packed with a ton of personality! From vintage stone sinks, brass fixtures, and conversation-starting wallpaper, it's these details that stick in the memory of the most discerning guests. To try this way at home without fully committing, start with a cool affordable peel-and-stick wallpaper."

Bathroom: Serenity Now


"For a number of my clients, the bathroom has become a place of calm, serenity, and peace. Think of it as another space to find solitude. Designs and accessories have reflected that more and more—materials in subtle tones, organization, and a Scandinavian sense of order. Life is hectic enough, and we all need places to recharge. Our bathrooms become that place. To get your bathroom to be as serene as possible, start with getting rid of older products and finding suitable storage for everything. Stock up on plush bath sheets in absorbent materials such as cotton or hemp. Soften floors with rugs in a quick-drying material to prevent mold. Incorporate calming scents like rosemary, lavender, or eucalyptus. Add a teak bench in your shower and switch bright colors out for more earth-inspired tones."

Bedroom: Natural Born


"These days, everyone is concerned about the environment, and rightfully so. Sustainability is a word that we've all come to know and use quite often, especially around matters of design in our bedroom. Sustainable organic materials continue to gain favor. Think materials such as wool, linen, organic cotton, or hemp—materials free of harsh chemicals and synthetics. When shopping for linens, it's best to select linens made of a single natural material."

Bedroom: Strike It Rich


(Image credit: @madelynnfurlong@nuhtrop.m; Courtesy of Bed Threads)

"If COVID taught us nothing else, it taught us that a calming and comfortable home environment is paramount to our well-being, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the bedroom. And while soft, neutral palettes will always be favored, warmer, richer tones have recently risen in popularity. Deep greens, eggplants, and browns can now be found throughout the home, especially in the bedroom. To ease your way into this trend, start with bedding—sheets, comforters, and blankets in richer tones."

Living Room: Antique Road Show


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"Another trend I see in interior design and specifically in living rooms around the world is the use of vintage, reclaimed, and antique pieces. Whether it be a pair of reupholstered statement chairs or a 1960s vintage sofa in an interesting shape, upcycling continues to help us add personality ad uniqueness to our spaces while giving furniture a second life and new purpose. If you're in the market for unique vintage pieces for your home, start with a search on Etsy, where you're bound to find all the vintage and antique furniture and accessories your heart desires."

Living Room: Green With Envy


"Whether you call it by its proper name—biophilic design—or rather just an indoor garden, one thing that continues to take up space in our living rooms these days is plants. From oversize trees to hanging plants and living walls, we're constantly looking to bring the outdoors in, and for good reason. Biophilic design has been known to improve our psyche and overall mental well-being while beautifying our spaces. If you don't possess a green thumb yourself but want to learn the basics of being a plant parent, sites like Bloomscape and their Plant Parent Starter Pack would be a good place to start."

Outdoors: A Vision in Vintage