17 Holiday Necklaces That Will Dress Up Any Old Outfit

We all know the feeling: That first invite hits your inbox and your think wait a minute, it’s holiday party season already? I am so not prepared for this. Even if you haven’t given a second thought to what you’ll wear when your social calendar swells this time of year, we have an easy solution we think you’ll love. Two words: holiday necklaces. Believe us when we say that you already own all the clothes you need whether you’re attending your annual company party or a more intimate affair with friends. All you need to make your ensemble feel perfectly up-to-date is a trend-forward holiday necklace, preferably one of the statement variety. Even a basic LBD or understated button-down paired with jeans will look extra-special with a standout necklace. Accordingly, we’ve selected some of our favorites from all corners of the internet, with several hitting on the key trends of the season: pearls, charm details, and hearts. Yes, you guessed it, the ‘80s trend has hit the jewelry category as well. And for our budget-minded shoppers, we’ve got a smattering of picks under $100. Without further ado, scroll down and secure the holiday necklace that will make any outfit feel party-ready.

We helped co-design this lovely piece, so we may be biased, but the chunky chain choker is so perfectly right now. As an extra bonus: the piece is solid gold, meaning it will last forever and ever. 

Coins and pearls? We must be dreaming, because Zara just hit the nail on the head by combining two of the biggest jewelry trends in one. Who knew Dynasty-era vibes would feel so fresh again. 

We knew we loved Attico dresses and shoes, but we'd overlooked the brand's jewelry. That is, until now. This pearl and gold number is the exact opposite of a cheesy holiday necklace. It will work for party season and way beyond. 

Chanel is one of the few brands that actually hold value and sometimes even appreciate after purchase. We have a feeling this chunky gold logo necklace will fall into that category. 

Okay, so we're not actually going to splash out on a $5k choker on a whim, but we thought this crystal and gold necklace was too pretty not to include. A girl can dream right? 

Regular pearls are all well and good, but baroque pearls (the ones that are odd-shaped) are where it's at. This Mango necklace looks like it could easily be triple the price, and we love the silver hook detail. 

This brand out of Australia designs pieces that look like one-of-a-kind finds. We've covered heart earrings, and while the trend may have started on the lobes, it's definitely migrated to hand around our necks too. 

Oscar de la Renta designs always have a flair for the dramatic and romantic, and this holiday necklace is no exception. We love how the oversized key looks hand-carved, kind of like a very popular Céline necklace we can think of. 

It wouldn't be a holiday necklace roundup without at least one rhinestone necklace. It just so happens the glitzy stone is trending in clothing too (we're calling it chandelier dressing), so why not cop the look with a necklace. We love how it looks styled with a neckline that perfectly matches the collar.  

Magda Butrym, you've captured our hearts. We urge you to click through to this product to appreciate its full glory. The double strand of pearls ties in the back with an extra-large satin bow. Talk about decadent. 

For those of you not so inclined to wear a statement necklace, may we offer this subtle pendant as an alternative? At only $42, there's no reason not to spring for this sweet piece.

Charms and pearls and chains, oh my! Lizzie Fortunato jewelry has recently captured our attention with their eye-catching designs. We love how this piece will feel just at home with a holiday dress as it will with a bikini on vacation. 

For the arts-inclined, look no further than WKND LA's designs. Her necklaces are all hand-made lending a truly special quality to the pieces. You know how we feel about pearls, so this pick was a no-brainer.

Okay, so we couldn't quite help ourselves from putting one last pretty heart necklace in the mix. There's a playful quality to this number that makes us smile. Plus The Last Line sidesteps traditional markups to bring you the best priced fine jewelry directly.

Malachite is known as the stone of transformation. if you're ready for a new chapter, why not snag this necklace and channel its energy, all while looking chic at your next holiday party? Two birds, one (gem) stone. 

Since holiday party season goes hand in hand with gift-giving season, we'll go ahead and direct you to our 2018 gift guides
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