17 Holiday Necklaces That Will Dress Up Any Old Outfit

We all know the feeling: That first invite hits your inbox and your think wait a minute, it’s holiday party season already? I am so not prepared for this. Even if you haven’t given a second thought to what you’ll wear when your social calendar swells this time of year, we have an easy solution we think you’ll love. Two words: holiday necklaces. Believe us when we say that you already own all the clothes you need whether you’re attending your annual company party or a more intimate affair with friends. All you need to make your ensemble feel perfectly up-to-date is a trend-forward holiday necklace, preferably one of the statement variety. Even a basic LBD or understated button-down paired with jeans will look extra-special with a standout necklace. Accordingly, we’ve selected some of our favorites from all corners of the internet, with several hitting on the key trends of the season: pearls, charm details, and hearts. Yes, you guessed it, the ‘80s trend has hit the jewelry category as well. And for our budget-minded shoppers, we’ve got a smattering of picks under $100. Without further ado, scroll down and secure the holiday necklace that will make any outfit feel party-ready.