The 16 Gifts in My Cart Right Now Are Setting the Bar High This Holiday Season



The older I get, the more intentional and creative I've become about giving people gifts. As an adult, I can no longer count on my parents to sign my name on the cards of all the gifts they give to our family members. (I know I'm not alone on this one.) And to be honest, I get such a thrill from writing my own name in bold Sharpie on the wrapping paper of a thoughtful gift (that I wrapped myself, by the way). I have not yet reached the point of giving homemade or internationally-sourced presents, but I'm currently at the clothes, handbags, and shoes tier of gift-buying, and I'm just happy to be here. This year, I'm prepared to gift my friends and family with pieces they'll never stop wearing or talking about, and MATCHESFASHION has just about everything I need. The gifts are so good that I'm trying to refrain from gifting myself with the 16 items below. (The temptation is real.) Ready to swoon over these printed hats, quilted scarves, and wool coats? They're just a scroll away.



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