7 Things Every Woman Who Wears Heels Should Know

At this point, it's not exactly a secret that heels aren't the best for your health. Doctors of all sorts, backed by scientific research, have advised women against wearing the footwear on a regular basis—lest major damage be done to your feet, ankles, spine, and more. (We've even had yoga teachers tell us to avoid the shoes—true story!)

To help clarify some things and make sure all of us ladies are on the exact same page concerning what our heels are doing to our bodies, we dug through the scientific archives to find some of the most prominent research done on the topic. Fair warning: What we found isn't exactly heartwarming; wearing heels over a long period really isn't very good for you. (Too bad they look so damn good.)

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The Solution: Wear heels as infrequently as possible, and do plenty of foot stretches after you take them off. Plus, wearing flats can help relieve some of the problems caused by wearing heels. Keep scrolling to shop chic flats now! 

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