Found: The $4 Nail Polish Harry Styles Wore in His "Watermelon Sugar" Video

Harry Styles' Nail Polish



Harry Styles has done it again, y'all. Aside from offering up endless sartorial inspiration in the form of printed sweaters, grunge flannels, and frilly blouses, the English singer is also known to take unexpected beauty risks. Specifically, he loves to rock a bold manicure featuring fashionable elements like bright hues and even stylish designs. Simply put, the man is nail goals.

This week marks the release of the music video to accompany Styles' hit single "Watermelon Sugar," and the summertime vibe of the flick has left us all craving the beach (and a bite of seasonal fruit). In the video, Styles partakes in a surprisingly titillating watermelon feast while being fawned over by about a dozen models. But the thing that stuck out most? His nail polish, of course! The perfect shade of neon coral popped from the first frames of the video and kept capturing our attention for all three minutes and eight seconds until the very end.  

If like us, you're a fan of the polish, then you'll be pleased to know that we did some light internet stalking and located the Instagram account for celebrity nail tech Sreynin Peng, who was the manicurist on set of the new video. She shared in a recent Instagram story that the nail polish in question is a shade by Salon Perfect called Flamingo Flair. The best part? It only costs $4! 

Maybe it's our adoration for the stylish Brit, or maybe we're just itching to amp up the summer vibes, but we're sensing a hot nail trend in the making. Keep scrolling for more "Watermelon Sugar"–inspired nail polishes, then check out a few of our favorite Styles nail moments for even more summer manicure inspiration.

The 5 Best Coral Nail Polishes



Shop Our Favorite Watermelon Nail Polishes

This brand-new coral hue is hot off the presses and screams summertime.

For those who prefer their coral polish a little more toned-down.

This glossy varnish is a little darker than the one Styles wore, but in our opinion, it's perfectly watermelon-appropriate.

Speaking of shiny finishes, you'll need to put on your sunglasses before glancing at this high-gloss color from OPI.

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Classic Red Nail Polish

Harry Style Red Nail Polish


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You can find a solid red at every price point.

Lilac Nail Polish

Harry Styles Lilac Nail Polish


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This clean nail color doesn't lack in the pigment department.

This pretty light purple is like a bouquet of flowers for your nails.

This fast-drying polish will have you ready for your close-up in half the time of your typical nail polish.

Black and Blue Nail Polish

Harry Styles Met Gala Manicure


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Two coats of this deep black varnish and you're in business.

This subtle sky-blue color is perfect for the black-and-blue duo Styles loves.

This baby blue is a little deeper but would still look dramy alongside alternating black nails.

Mismatched Nail Polish

Harry Styles Colorful Manicure


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These popping primary colors look like like the ones Styles uses for his vibrant mismatched nail looks.

If you're loving the tie-dye clothing moment, then this set will help you extend the fun to your manicure.

This pastel set will turn out a more muted but equally fun manicure.

This duo of highlighter hues comes smiley face stickers so you can incorporate yet another one of Styles' most iconic nail looks.

Up next, do your nails like this, and everyone will think you spent the day at the salon.

This article was originally published at an earlier date and has been updated.