Probiotics Are the Secret to Gut Health: Here's How I Like Mine

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There are so many important ways to take care of the body, and when it comes to physical health, I personally put a lot of effort into prioritizing my gut. After all, scientists have long been saying the gut is the second brain, and if you've ever found yourself with GI trouble, you'd probably believe it. There's an entire microbiome inside the gut, and every person's has different wants and needs. Finding the right balance isn't always easy, but one way to help yours get on the right path is through probiotics, which contain a lot of the same bacteria that already naturally exists in the gut. A balanced gut is thought to boost digestion, immunity, and energy. A balanced gut is thought to boost digestion, immunity, and energy.

We talk a lot about probiotic supplements on THE/THIRTY, but honestly? My favorite way to ingest them is through foods and drinks because billions of them exist in fermented and cultured foods, which just so happen to be my favorites. Think pickles, kimchi, yogurt, buttermilk, and, of course, kombucha. Kombucha, that tangy, fizzy treat that’s also a little funky and fun. I love it so much, I drink half a bottle of GT's Synergy raw kombucha every single afternoon. It is for me what that afternoon decaf cup of coffee is for a lot of people. (It’s not just me because my boss shares my kombucha love.) And I know you can scroll up and see that this is a sponsored post, but it's genuinely been my truth for years. Every kombucha drinker has their favorite brand, and I'm a sucker for the endless flavors GT sells. Its lines of kombuchas are so good because they brew them with organic, raw ingredients like ginger, blueberry, and turmeric (among so many others). After years of drinking its Synergy line, I finally branched out into its other probiotic-packed offerings because probiotic diversity is key for gut health. Read the story to read more about my favorite products from GT’s Living Foods.

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