From the pleated skirts, Diedre Barlow–ready specs and pussy-bow blouses of Gucci to Saint Laurent's strong belief in the not-so-humble cardigan, the S/S 16 runways have wholeheartedly plundered granny's archive for new inspiration. Once upon a time, Henry Holland coined this acid-fueled take on the look as nana-rave, and we think that term still stands up. This is all about taking the wardrobe pillars of an archetypal granny's closet, but ensuring that the colours, patterns and styling approaches are all louder, wilder and more unexpected. Think of a psychedelic Mrs. Doubtfire. Lime-green lamé midi-skirt, anyone?

Although the trend is impressive on the runway, we're starting to discover that it's even better in real life. On the streets, this excess-equals-success route can be seen filtered down, making the concept a little less complicated (or expensive) for day-to-day dressing. And if you don't want to go OTT OAP head-to-toe, then it's very simple to hint at the look via a pair of hugely popular glove shoes or kitten heels

Scroll down to see the seven ways you can do nana-chic now…


Nana Buy #1: Low Heels
(Image credit: Getty Images/Kirstin Sinclair)

Style Notes: You can wear low heels—whether block glove pumps or spiky kittens like these Miu Mius—and never look old-fashioned. Jenny Walton's louche and loose styling (note those extra-long cuffs) means the sensible footwear still appears modern.


Nana Buy #2: The Fur Coat
(Image credit: Style du Monde)

Style Notes: This kind of classic chestnut-coloured fur coat wouldn't be out of place in Downton Abbey or a dowager's vast closet, but you can make it work in the here and now by wearing such a grand piece in the most casual way. Glamorous coat, meet jeans and flats.


Nana Buy #3: The Floral Dress
(Image credit: Style du Monde)

Style Notes: We've seen triple and quadruple layering on the streets of fashion week and this is why: It can transform the most basic pieces into works of outfit art. This frumpy-cool dress is transported into a more directional place thanks to its placement over two knits and a pair of trousers. Not to mention the attitude that those sneakers bring…


Nana Buy #4: Wallpaper Print Trousers
(Image credit: Style du Monde)

Style Notes: From the top-handle tote to the decorative pants and cosy fur jacket, this look from Vogue's Kelly Connor is brimming with granny's best bits. But it's the addition of her dad cap and the alternative Gucci loafers that bring the new spin.

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Nana Buy #5: Ditsy Blooms
(Image credit: Style du Monde)

Style Notes: Patchwork ditsy blooms clashed with three other floral prints? Well, that's just showing off. By combining different versions of the nana-approved pattern you have an entirely fresh take on a tried-and-true idea. Punky boots certainly add a beneficial layer of grunge to Preetma Singh's look, don't you think?


Nana Buy #6: Pleated Skirt
(Image credit: Style du Monde)

Style Notes: Anya Ziourova knows that the coolest pleated skirts right now are metallic. She's mixed hers with a crafty embroidered jumper (also very nana-ish), a clashing tan belt to keep those knife-pleats cinched at the waist, and leopard print shoes. On paper this sounds wrong, in real life, it's on the right side of madness.


Nana Buy #7: The Cardigan
(Image credit: Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images)

Style Notes: Grannies love to shoulder robe their cardigans, and so should you. Consider this your trans-seasonal fix when the weather starts to warm up but you are still unsure of stepping out bare-armed. There's something rather sweet about this styling move, so be sure to balance it out with tomboyish flats and a sombre colour palette for coolness—no one wants to look like an extra from Grease, The Musical.

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