Move Over, Grandma—These 5 Grandpa Trends Slap

A little while ago, we reported on a handful of grandma trends that were rising up among the fashion crowd. This included novelties such as tweed, sheer knee-high socks, pearls, and more. As the summer continued to press on and women started getting more and more creative with the styles available, we saw a shift from grandma-inspired style to grandpa-inspired style. Now, before you knock it, we think you should try it.

Although the grandpa aesthetic is still in its beginning stages of life, we are already loving how fashion girls are styling the micro-trends within the overall vibe. We also particularly love that this new way of dressing feels fresh compared to the "dad" outfits that have tired out our Instagram feeds. Ahead, we've called out five grandpa trends that we think slap the hardest. For those of you who don't know what slap means in this context, it is apparently (I also just learned this word) how all the cool kids identify something that's really, really good—therefore, the five grandpa trends ahead.

Socks & Loafers

The whole mystery of whether or not to wear socks with loafers, and how, is now solved. Wear the socks, let them show, and channel your inner G-pa. 

Vacation Shirts

I remember playing in my grandparent's closets a lot as a child, and while I preferred my grandmother's shoes and jewelry over my grandpa's suits, I always found it so interesting that he owned dozens of breezy short-sleeved button-down shirts. You know the ones—either printed or solid in color, perfect for vacations, and just a little too big. Well, fashion girls are following suit and wearing the top style with everything from carpenter pants to longer shorts and back again.

Gold Chain Necklaces

Another signature grandpa item is the classic gold necklace. This could usually be seen peeking out from underneath the previously mentioned vacation shirts or atop an old T-shirt. Now, the trend is to layer as many versions atop one another for the newest cool-girl necklace stack. 

Orthopedic-Inspired Shoes

There comes a time in many elderly people's lives where, unfortunately, fashion can no longer come first. Enter orthopedic shoes. Commonly known for their large Velcro straps or chunky soles, these shoes used to be considered the furthest thing from "stylish," but now, thanks to the rise of the sporty-sandal trend, this new iteration feels fresh and just trendy enough.

Khaki Trousers

Last but not least, khaki trousers have worked their way into the wardrobes of those of us channeling both our grandmothers and grandfathers alike. We like them best paired with crop tops and graphic tees, and if you really want to go for it, try them with a vacation shirt. Grandpa vibes all the way.