As last night's debut so delightfully demonstrated, season two of Girls promises two things: even more cringe-worthy moments--courtesy of Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshanna--and great, real-life fashion. In celebration of the latter, we're dedicating today's slideshow to the individual styles of our favorite girls who are "almost getting it kind of together" with a roundup of inspired-by pieces to help you mimic their characters' distinct looks.

The Lovelock Minibag ($138)​

Hannah may be awkward in job interviews, but she pulls off that quintessential, Greenpoint-dwelling look unselfconsciously. She's mastered the art of offbeat layering while mixing prints and bold colors.

Image courtesy of Everett Collection
Ostrich Bow Bridge Bracelet ($88)

This undergrad's by-the-book mentality translates into a wardrobe filled with trendy pieces. Her outfits tend to be a bit girly, always match perfectly, and are well thought out in advance.

Image courtesy of Everett Collection

Chantalle Open Toe Pumps ($350)

Can polished be a euphemism for uptight? Marnie is the most pulled together of the group; her all-American/girl-next-door personality manifests itself in endlessly tailored, feminine, and professional pieces.

Image courtesy of Everett Collection

Hyde Pumps ($145) in Cinder
Shayne Belted Printed Silk-Gauze Top ($795)

This English import's bohemian sensibilities are reflected in her free-spirited styling choices. Who could forget that Thunderdome-esque feather jacket she wore to a Bushwick party? It's a cool union of rock 'n' roll, London flea market finds, and estate hand-me-downs.

Image courtesy of Splash News

Dalton T ($30) in Ivory/Black