Gestuz Will Be the Next Big Fashion Brand Out of Copenhagen—I Promise


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As Copenhagen Fashion Week's influence grows every season, the event is all but guaranteed to produce a shiny new design star following in the footsteps of Ganni and Cecilie Bahnsen. As the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats, and Danish fashion's waters are surely rising quickly. Due to the event's commitment to diversity, sustainability, up-and-coming talent, and, of course, all those glorious street style pics, the industry cannot look away from Copenhagen right now. 

As for where the spotlight will be shining brightest in the near future, my bet is on Gestuz. The brand was founded in 2008 by Sanne Sehested, but it has enjoyed increased notoriety in recent years thanks to its spot on the fashion-week calendar. For the spring/summer 2023 season, which just wrapped last week, Gestuz was able to secure a huge name to walk its runway—Josephine Skriver, the former Victoria's Secret Angel who boasts a cool seven million followers on Instagram. Another fun fact: Unlike its Danish counterparts, Gestuz's show last week included a selection of see-now, buy-now pieces, which is sure to excite the brand's growing fan base. 

Another compelling reason to bet on Gestuz is its mostly under-$250 price range. This hits the sweet spot where Gestuz can offer quality pieces built to last while still being more attainable than many other Danish brands. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. To get the scoop on the brand's expansion, I went straight to the source and interviewed Sehested in Copenhagen. (Side note: Her personal Instagram is a treasure trove of outfit ideas and is more than worth a follow.) Scroll down to read our full interview and shop my favorite Gestuz pieces. 


(Image credit: Courtesy of Gestuz)

What was the inspiration behind your new S/S 23 collection? 

The inspiration for the collection is very much L.A. in the late '90s early '00s, so the collection is sexy and daring but mixed with utilitarian silhouettes and oversize blazers. The collection is called Heat Haze, which is when the sun makes the warm air rise from the asphalt. The collection offers many ways to show off a bit more skin—whether wearing a dress or cargo pants and a cropped top—accompanied by evergreens such as amazing suits and leather in various forms. Colors are bright like lemon green, bold orange, and bright blue mixed with a base of olive green, beige, and black.

Where do you see Gestuz in five years and in 10 years? What are some of your goals for the brand's future? 

I hope we see a steady growth of the brand. We are, by now, well represented in several parts of Europe, and I hope in five years' time that we have expanded even further and are well established in the U.S. and parts of Asia. We have felt an interest come from the U.S. market in past years, and we believe strongly in this as part of our expansion strategy for the future. To me, it is all about staying true to the brand while growing the business organically. I rather want a slower healthy growth than a quick fix.


(Image credit: Courtesy of Gestuz)

What are the best aspects of showing at Copenhagen Fashion Week? 

I think Copenhagen Fashion Week has become very popular due to the quality of Danish brands. It is also where Scandi brands gather to present their collections, which makes it the most interesting fashion week in Northern Europe. Moreover, the increasing focus and demands on sustainability have gotten a lot of positive attention, whether it is in use of material or diversity in model casting. I always feel like Copenhagen has this very special buzz during fashion week—busy yet relaxed and good spirited.

Who is your target Gestuz customer? 

For me, it is less about a certain target group or an age. It is about an attitude and how you personalize our styles to fit you. I love to see different people in Gestuz, and whether they are 17 or 57 doesn't matter. My goal is to create clothes that people feel empowered in and can wear for many seasons. For example, I am in total awe of all the street style I have seen of people wearing Gestuz during Copenhagen Fashion Week.

What do you think makes Scandi style distinct? 

There is effortless ease and sophistication that embodies the Scandinavian aesthetic. It is that flair of not having spent a lot of time on your look or your home when, in fact, you actually have (the Scandi secret). The style is rather calm and clean, but I feel like we have gotten more daring in our interior and fashion in the aftermath of the pandemic and the general movement of the fashion industry. Overall, I believe it has to do with good quality in materials both in fashion and interior. And the quirky additions make it more personal.

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Gestuz)


(Image credit: Courtesy of Gestuz)

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