I Just Moved to NYC—Here's All the Chic Home Décor I'm Eyeing

Gap home at Walmart



It's been about a month since I quite literally packed my whole life into three suitcases and boarded a plane to New York City without ever seeing my apartment in person. Coming from Florida, I had been spoiled by the spacious rooms and lower cost of living, so I was in for a major culture shock when I walked into my tiny apartment afraid of what it would cost to furnish my space. This move has been full of adjustments, but it's not all bad. Downsizing has actually allowed me to be more creative and intentional when it comes to décor. The ultimate goal is to feel good about adding inexpensive and high-quality pieces that make my apartment appear bigger, feel cozier, and look fashionable. 

With a growing NYC bucket list and a calendar full of coffee dates and dinner plans, I prefer to save money on home décor whenever I can. Gap Home is a new ultra-affordable home décor line that just launched exclusively at Walmart. Not to mention, the items in this collection are sustainably made and free of harmful chemicals, making everything just that more tempting to buy. From denim throw pillows to reversible comforter sets all under $100, this collection is bound to add a modern twist to my NYC apartment without hurting my wallet. If you're ready to refresh your space and remain in budget, just keep scrolling!


This color is an instant mood booster. Say hello to my new go-to coffee mug. 

I am 100% certain that this set will take all of my food pics to the next level. 

Can you say summer essential? I never leave the house without a reusable water bottle. 


What's better than coming home to a new place with fresh sheets? Realizing that they're t-shirt soft too. 

The waffle detailing paired with the pink just boosted my serotonin levels.

Finding out that this comforter set is reversible is the equivalent of realizing a dress has pockets. 

The sustainable fabric and striped chambray add a casual element to your standard bedroom décor. 


This unexpected fabric in your living room will have everyone wondering where you shop for home décor. 

I'm relying on throw pillows like this one to make my apartment look modern and homey as soon as you walk in. 

This is perfect for a summer get-together. It's giving me all of the cozy vibes. 

Allow me to introduce you to the work-from-home essential I didn't know I needed.

Timeless, chic, and under $20. You can't go wrong with these throw pillows.

The perfect pop of color to complement a neutral aesthetic and take your home décor from summer to fall.


My new bathroom has a splash of blue to offset the neutral whites and grays.

Two words: practical and chic. I can't get enough of this ombré effect.

So fresh and so clean. I can always count on white curtains to add a minimalist feel.

Soft, functional, and available in five other cute colors.