TikTok Made Me Want to Redecorate My Home—Here's What I'm Eyeing

Well, I never thought I would say this, but TikTok made me want to redecorate my home. To be fair, I'm easily swayed, but this is why I refused to download the app for so long. It's just another time and money suck, and now, unsurprisingly, I'm hooked. I may not be actively posting to TikTok like I do on Instagram, but my "for you" page really knows me. The workout and recipe videos sucked me in at first; the fashion side of things distracted me most; now, I've landed in the land of home décor, and I officially can't be stopped. The videos I've come across have actually influenced me to shop. (I blame being stuck at home.)

Such is the case with influencers Melissa Frusco, Tara Michelle, and Kiitan Akinniranye. Each one of them revamped a part of their home using pieces from Walmart's Bohemian Dreams edit, and I've never wanted to follow their lead more. Continue reading to see what I mean, and tell me after watching their TikToks you're not influenced, too!

1. Calm and Comfortable Nook

There are certain spots in my home that I'm just the most comfortable in: the left side of the couch and bed or the middle seat at the dining table. But I love the idea of having a full corner to myself—close to a window, dedicated to just relaxing—like Melissa Frusco has created for herself. Is this really what I've been missing out on?

2. Indoor-Outdoor Vibes

I'm a Cali girl, so I'm totally into how Tara Michelle brought an indoor-outdoor vibe to her space just by adding wicker chairs and a table to her balcony and an insanely cool egg-shaped swing chair inside.


Cute ##homedecor I got from @walmart PART 1! ##sponsored These pieces totally transform my space! ##fyp ##walmarthome ##walmartfinds

♬ Fresh n Hot - Paul Werner

3. Backyard Dreams

Why do I even have a backyard if I'm not using it? That's the first thought I had after watching Kiitan Akinniranye's video, but it's also what kicked me into action to spruce up my yard. So, yeah, now I just want to live outside, basically.


I thought the backyard could use a lil ##makeover! Shop the new ##WalmartHome Bohemian Dreams collection @Walmart ##sponsored ##homedecor ##backyardvibes

♬ Let’s move out - sarahplus3x
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