Do You Know Forever 21's Original Name?

Of all the fast-fashion stores out there, Forever 21 has got to be one of our favorites. Why else do you think we're always rounding up the store's latest and greatest items? Well, thanks to some digging, we've just learned a little more about how Forever 21 came to be the shopping giant it is today.

Forbes just released an exclusive interview with Forever 21 owner Do Won Chang, and it was seriously illuminating. One of the coolest things we learned was that back in 1984, Chang and his wife, Jin, opened a 900-square-foot apparel store—originally called Fashion 21—in the garment district abutting downtown Los Angeles. Crazy, right? Well, it turns out even in the early days, this company was immensely successful. Chang told Forbes that the previous shop owner, who also sold clothes, brought in a mere $30,000 in annual sales. Fashion 21, on the other hand, hit $700,000 in its first year by capitalizing on wholesale closeouts and acquiring merchandise directly from manufacturers at heavily discounted prices. Well, we're thankful for what this brand has grown into today and all the shopping convenience its provides without breaking the bank.

With that, scroll on to shop some of our favorite new arrivals from Forever 21!

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