This New Brand Is Ideal For The Bride-To-Be Who Hates Dress Shopping

Planning a wedding is not for the faint of heart. No matter the number of guests, the destination, or how much you split the responsibilities with your S.O., there’s always stress when it comes to preparing for a very, very special occasion. However, Floravere is a new brand that’s setting out to make things a bit more seamless and, generally, easier for the bride-to-be by cutting out one major to-do: wedding dress shopping. 

Launched today, Floravere is the first direct-to-consumer wedding dress destination. In other words, there’s no sitting-around-sipping-champagne-everyone-watching-your-every-move kind of dress fittings in which you pretend you’re on an episode of Say Yes to the Dress. Instead, this site is prepared to ship the dresses you love to your front door to try from home. After you figure out what you like, you ship the styles back in a prepaid package and order whichever style you fell in love with on the Floravere site—all customization available, from the sleeve length to the smallest monogrammed details.

Founded by Molly Kang, formerly of Reformation and Guess, the site claims to be the first of its kind for bridal wares. However, it also follows in the great success of other direct-to-consumer fashion brands that have skyrocketed in the last few years, most notably Everlane and AYR. Furthermore, as Kang told us about her company, it takes every big day very personally.

"We are able to cherry-pick and partner with prominent head designers with incredible résumés," she says, adding of Floravere's designs, "We aren't limited to offering dresses only in one style. I wanted to make sure we offered an array of styles that could speak to different women's tastes—minimal, romantic, classic, etc., but all with our Floravere take on it: modern, fresh, light, and nothing too over the top. I like to say our dresses are for the girl who would rather be queen than a princess!"

To that end, Kang's initial collection has also been inspired by a number of romantic, but not too prim or proper, style stars. After all, we can all assume that the modern-day Annie Hall, Rory Gilmore, or Scarlet O'Hara would never tie the knot in the same outfit.

Below, check out more of Floravere's debut collection, ready to ship to your home ASAP.

Would you rather shop for a wedding dress right from the comfort of home? Let us know in the comments.

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