Prepare to See These Joyful Summer Shoes All Over Instagram

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In our eyes, the old adage that shoes make the outfit has never been up for debate—it's a plain and simple truth. But fabulous footwear doesn't have to mean crippling high heels that look better on a shelf than on some unhappy feet. Since our lifestyles dramatically shifted a couple of years ago and comfort became the number-one driving factor in many of our purchases, designers and brands are finally starting to combine the fun with the practical. Now, you'll find cool and interesting touches on practical, infinitely wearable pieces, and our wardrobes are pleased about it.

One particular shoe brand that has run with this concept of joyful, ergonomically friendly shoes is FitFlop. You'll know it for its signature chunky-soled sandals, clogs, and trainers, all of which are normally found in more neutral hues. But did you know that each style is biomechanically engineered to complement your body's structure, joint alignment, and movement? And for summer 2022, the brand has taken some of its classic silhouettes into new territory thanks to a hot-ticket collaboration with multidisciplinary artist Yinka Ilori. Now, for those of you who aren't as interested in interiors as you are in It shoes, London-based Ilori is a star on the rise. His bold graphic artwork, upcycled furniture and incredible rugs and cushions are Instagram catnip and particularly favored by the fashion set. His work is energetic and striking thanks to his unique Nigerian-British viewpoint. When it comes to color combinations and prints that belong in our wardrobes and our homes, Ilori leads the pack. Below, you'll see what happens when FitFlop's beloved comfy styles are given the Ilori treatment: a super-fun and smile-inducing range of flip-flops, clogs, and slides in a variety of colors and graphic prints (including a fuzzy cow print, which the Scandi girls are going to love). Keep scrolling to see the line and shop the pieces for yourself.



(Image credit: Courtesy of FitFlop)

Style Notes: The perfect, lightweight addition to a streamlined vacation capsule.


(Image credit: Courtesy of FitFlop)

Style Notes: You could easily wear these more substantial flip-flops in the city, too.



(Image credit: Courtesy of FitFlop)

Style Notes: Slip-on clogs have been trending hard this year. They're being worn with everything from midi dresses to jeans.


(Image credit: Courtesy of FitFlop)

Style Notes: The two-tone finish gives you some color-matching outfit options. Heads up: These are exclusively online.



(Image credit: Courtesy of FitFlop)

Style Notes: If pool slides are more your vibe, then this is the silhouette for you.


(Image credit: Courtesy of FitFlop)

Style Notes: Choose between colorful and retro cork soles.



(Image credit: Courtesy of FitFlop)

Style Notes: If your wardrobe is more minimalistic, a small injection of color and print through a pair of Surfas will do nicely.


(Image credit: Courtesy of FitFlop)

Style Notes: They're just as beach-friendly as they are ready for a quick walk around the block.



(Image credit: Courtesy of FitFlop)

Style Notes: The fashion crowd will go full throttle for this option. 


(Image credit: Courtesy of FitFlop)

Style Notes: They'd look so cool with jeans and a white tee—simple and effective. These are exclusively online.

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