I Just Bought My Entire Festival Wardrobe for Less $ Than the Actual Ticket

I’ve only attended two music festivals, but after my first experience, I learned that planning out my outfits ahead of time is just as crucial as planning which artists to see (why must my favorites always overlap?). This year, my packing list includes a heavy dose of what I'm predicting will be a top trend all festival season long: snakeskin. I don't suggest ditching all those leopard prints you scooped up this past fall (in fact, please keep them for years and years), but snakeskin is looking to be the animal print of S/S 19.

Conveniently, H&M's Divided collection comes to my rescue yet again with a huge offering of super-stylish snakeskin pieces (plus a bunch of other festival fashion must-haves) I'll be swooping up before driving down to the desert this year. From a dress I'll wear as a cover-up at a pool party to the convenient crossbody that won't get in the way while I'm dancing to Ariana's set (look for me at the front of the crowd belting every last word), these are the 13 things I'm really excited to wear this festival season.