3 Home Décor Ideas Inspired by 2021 Fashion Trends

Wondering whether a trend originated from the fashion industry or the home décor realm is a bit like querying whether the chicken or the egg came first. What's the point? Let's just say that fashion and décor go hand-in-hand, constantly feeding off one another. Whenever I start to see a fashion trend skyrocket, I suddenly notice it pop up in homes as well (and vice versa).

For this story, I decided to highlight a trio of trends that will be important in both fashion and home décor for 2021. Why shouldn't your apartment be just as chic as your closet? Scroll down to shop the trends you can buy via hand towels, skirts, mirrors, earrings, candles, sweatshirts, and more—including the number one pattern that definitely surged last year and will continue to grow in 2021.

1. Squiggles

This was one of my favorite investments of 2020. 

Have you ever seen a cuter side table? This new brand designs its furniture in Brooklyn. 



I love this indie ceramics brand. 

Mociun is one of my favorite jewelry brands. 

Stella McCartney always does trends her own way. 

2. Checkerboard


Simone Rocha

Simone Rocha S/S 21



Pictured: Baina Organic Cotton Towel ($78)



Checkerboard rugs are a super popular way to incorporate the pattern into your home. 

This is a chic and grownup way to test-drive the fun trend. 

These punchy colors are calling your name. 

3. Fringe


Getty Images

Jacquemus S/S 21

I always love crisp white bedding, but this subtle fringe detail adds a little something special. 


Getty Images

Givenchy F/W 20

These fringed pillows are so sweet. 

Jute rugs are as chic as they are practical. 

This coat looks significantly more expensive than it really is. 

Add some cuteness to your kitchen. 

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