I Spent 35 Years Skiing in the Swiss Alps and Aspen—6 Ski Trends to Know

Ski season has quite literally reached its peak, and I can't open my Instagram feed without wanting to hit the slopes. This is a year where new stylish ski trends are standing out, and as someone who hasn't caught a ride on a gondola recently, I needed to do some investigation as to what is trending right now. 

Perfect Moment is one of the first skiwear brands that I became acquainted with due to its classic take on winterwear, so I tapped its founder, Jane Gottschalk, for her trend predictions on this season.

stylish skiwear

(Image credit: Harry Crowder for Perfect Moment)

Can you tell us what inspired the creation of Perfect Moment?

The brand name Perfect Moment came from the world of freeride and extreme sports. The original founder of the brand, Thierry Donard, built his cult extreme-sports documentaries Nuit de la Glisse around champion freeriders competing at the highest level, from skiing the world's most remote and toughest slopes to surfing the highest and most dangerous waves. He explains that if a skier is at the peak of a mountain or a surfer is facing the vast wall of waves at Nazaré and the conditions are perfect for them to be able to perform at the highest of their ability, from the visibility to the wind or snow conditions, then that is a perfect moment. It's highly emotive and hence lends itself to the brand messaging we have today: Create moments, be cognizant of the moment, and share moments. Everyone can have a perfect moment, as it's relative to them.

How has growing up skiing internationally influenced your designs?

We inherited a very specific DNA with the brand including the Northern Star and polar bear motif from Thierry's moments filming in Greenland. There's also a '70s retro vibe, which includes the classic chevron, a nod to the Jean Claude Killy era. (He was Thierry's mentor when he skied for France in the '70s.) We keep this DNA tight, as we do the '70s retro vibe. Skiing across the world inspires designs as well as functionality, which is vital for the sport, and places like Gstaad specifically inspire through the old-school European glamour, for example.

How would you describe your ski aesthetic?

Monochromatic! I tend to wear either all black or all white. I love wearing white in the mountains against the snow and brilliant blue skies.

1. Metallic

stylish skiwear

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"Metallic is one of the biggest trends this season, and we see it continuing throughout 2024. If you're looking to make a statement on the slopes or in the city, it's a great way to have some fun." — Gottschalk

2. Monochromatic

stylish skiwear

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"Monochrome is one of my favorite skiwear trends. It's timeless, taking inspiration from Jackie O's signature style, and it's a great choice when investing in luxury skiwear." — Gottschalk

3. Slimline & Belt Bags

stylish skiwear

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"We kick-started the trend for slimline ski suits, accompanied with bum bags and fanny packs back in 2010, with improved technical fabrics that provide protection, warmth, and stretch. Super-well-fitting and slimming, the slimline suits can be worn with a jacket on top if it's a super-cold day or if in higher altitude resorts such as Aspen." — Gottschalk

4. City to Slopes

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"'Function with fashion' is a strapline we have used from the beginning, and this is a category that is continuing to grow. Larger fashion brands are starting to capture the idea, too. People want to look just as good on and off the slopes. Expect to see more fashion collaborations and brands entering the space. As we move into coats and outerwear, we have partnered with UK brand Marfa Stance this season and have an exciting pipeline of collaborations ahead. I expect to see more 'city-to-slopes' or vice versa trends—jackets and skiwear worn through the season and not just for skiing." — Gottschalk

5. Think Pink

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"Pink has been a big color for this season, thanks partly to Barbie! I expect this to continue into next season, but I also expect to see more off-piste classic colors such as burgundy. Though, I prefer to call it aubergine or dark cherry. I think this could be quite striking." — Gottschalk

6. Denim Everything

stylish skiwear

(Image credit: @adriannabach)

"Denim is always a focus for me. All the cool kids used to ski in denim when I was a teenager in Switzerland, and I was never good enough, so I have always seen denim on the slopes as something I aspire to produce. Our denim started with our collaboration with DL1961 winter 2022." — Gottschalk

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