I Spot Micro-Trends Like It's My Job, and These 4 Are About to Blow Up

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You're probably aware to some degree of the major trends at play for spring and summer 2019. (Just as a refresher, here's our big, beautiful trend report.) But I'm not here to talk about anything mainstream… yet. Instead, I'm interested in what I'll call micro-trends. These are the hyper-specific iterations of all the bigger sartorial shifts at play, and I've become somewhat of an expert at spotting them (okay, it's basically a pastime of mine at this point).

These are trends or sometimes even specific items that a handful of influencers and fashion girls have all started wearing simultaneously. Take the beige-toned outfit trend, for example. While dressing in head-to-toe neutrals is a styling trick currently flooding my Instagram feed, beige and creme-colored jeans, in particular, is the "trend within a trend" that's earning its own micro-trend subcategory. Get the gist? Good.

I'm about to share four of these micro-trends that are emerging on the scene this month. Each piece may be all in the details but will have a big impact in just a few months time. Once you commit these to memory, consider yourself a bonafide insider. Keep reading to discover and shop all the micro-trends of the moment.

Patchwork Dresses

Brands like Rixo and Ganni that have earned cult followings for their fun-loving dresses, and right now they're both really into patchwork dresses that combine contrasting patterns, which means we're really into the quirky look, too.

Buttery Denim

Beige has been flooding my Instagram feed as of late and more than anything it's all the creme-colored jeans I'm crushing hard on right now.

White Tights

Tights, in general, are having a bit of renaissance and although wild colors and busy prints can be hard to pull off, white tights offer just the right amount of a statement look. Take note: The fashion set is wearing them tonally with white shoes.

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Pêche Melba 🍑🍦

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Brown Leather Pants

Of all the Matrix-like leather pieces on offer, brown leather pants somehow feel the most luxurious.