What the Who What Wear Australia Editors Are Asking for This Christmas

As editors, we spend the year constantly curating. Making our way through fashion collections, products, and PR pitches, so we can deliver you only the best. Our job is the hardest at this time of year when we're editing Christmas gift guides, and searching for the best gifts on the internet (and the most luxurious).

Scrolling through so many products means we can't help but find a few things we just have to have. So selfishly, we've compiled our ultimate edit. These are the pieces we keep re-visiting in our web history, and just cannot get out of our minds.

We'll be sending this link on to our family and friends (and we suggest you do the same). Scroll down to see what we're asking for this Christmas.

"In the biggest surprise of the year, my husband and I are going on a short but very special trip to the Maldives in early January. So of course, I need this new bikini!"

"I've been complaining about having 'no sandals' to wear, and subtly dropping hints to my fiancé for the past month, so just in case he hasn't got the picture yet... Hey Jason, I want/need these Balenciaga ones ;)."

"I’m a massive fan of Petite Grand—it’s my go-to brand for gifts to self—so I’ll be asking for a new addition. I recently had my ears “made over” by J. Colby Smith, and I’d love to add these hoops-with-a-twist."

"Jewellery is one of my favourite gifts to receive for Christmas. This Sarah & Sebastian necklace has been on the top of my wish list for a while, so I will be forwarding this link to my loved ones as a friendly reminder!"

"Nothing beats finding a perfectly wrapped jewellery box under the Christmas tree, especially when it contains this letter-stamped gold pendant and necklace. Santa, can you hear me?"

"I can't stop collecting linen dresses for summer. I hope to find this one under the tree so I don't have to think about what to wear on New Year's Eve."

"These give me Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s vibes (the modern way), and I need them in my life, along with her face."

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