How This British Fashion Editor Achieves Effortless French-Girl Style

Pandora Sykes is a true British It girl, with titles like Fashion Features Editor at The Sunday Times Style, designer for brands such as Hunza G and founder of under her (presumably impeccably styled) belt. But like all women, British or otherwise, Sykes can appreciate the undeniable effortless sophistication of French-girl style.

“The French style is both enigmatic and apt at every opportunity,” she waxes. “From Breton tops to red lips to blazers and flats and bed hair, everyone nicks their own soupçon of Gallic chic to make them feel that bit cooler.” To achieve that je ne sais quoi, Sykes turns to Parisian brand Claudie Pierlot, which she appreciates for its punky take on classic wardrobe stapes. Keep scrolling for tips from Sykes on how she styles the Claudie Pierlot pieces and shop her inspired looks below.



I swung the gold jacket around because I love an open back and paired it with the plaid skirt because sequins make plaid evening-ready. The crossbody bag, meanwhile, goes with everything.


I love British style—there’s a bravery, if you can call it that, and eclecticism that I fully embrace. But the artful effortlessness of the French is a key pillar of the nation’s style identity.



Whenever I visit Paris, I find myself yearning for a Breton like the one you see here, as well as loose black trousers worn with sequins. It’s the perfect lo-fi interpretation of glamour, in the vein of the ever-cool Aymeline Valade.



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Jamie McKillop
Branded Content Editor

Who's your style icon?

'90s Cindy Crawford.

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Tea tree oil. 

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A dirty gin martini, always.