You're Only a Few Clicks Away From an Affordable Fall Wardrobe Overhaul

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I hate to burst your bubble, but if you’re looking for a career that pays big, you probably don’t want to become a fashion editor. There are perks, to be sure (fashion week trips, swag, fancy dinners), but the truth is that we have to get creative (read: thrifty) when it comes to building our wardrobes, especially given how much temptation we face on a regular workday. The high-low mix is our friend, so for every occasional big investment purchase, we tend to make nine or 10 more affordable buys while keeping sustainability top of mind.

So when I noticed that bourgeoisie dressing (think delicious sweaters that make you look rich, plus knee-high leather boots, sharp suiting, and heritage prints) was back in all of its super-chic glory, I felt a tinge of anxiety about what it might mean for my fall budget… until I got a sneak peek at what H&M’s latest drop entails. As it turns out, the perfect cozy sweater, herringbone blazer, and winter coat can be procured at our favorite one-stop shop, meaning it’s possible to turn up to work in outfits that only look like they’d cost an entire paycheck. Keep on scrolling—your next purchase awaits below.


There’s something about wearing white well after Labor Day that always feels a bit decadent to me. (Me, worry about spilling spaghetti sauce or red wine on myself? Never, darling.) These wide-leg pants are just begging to be part of your next all-white/stick-of-butter ensemble, or belted and paired with an earthy, French-tucked knit.

This super-stylish turtleneck wouldn’t look the least bit out of place in a late-era Diane Keaton movie (you know, the kind where she plays an antique store owner being wooed by her secretly wealthy neighbor or something). Bonus: It’s made from more than 50% recycled polyester… Who doesn’t love sustainable fashion?

This teddy-bear coat is your shortcut to a Margot Tenenbaum–inspired look. Just add a polo-style short-sleeve sweater and a pair of leather loafers to complete the vibe. (Pink barrette optional, but definitely encouraged.)

There’s a reason fashion girls have been gravitating toward this exact cut and pattern for several seasons now… It’s not uncommon to see several of these in any given meeting here at Who What Wear HQ. You can also pat yourself on the back over the sustainability of this H&M pick: It happens to be made with 60% recycled polyester.

Speaking of patterns, there’s something about this menswear-inspired jacket (made with 50% recycled polyester, mind you) that screams “I own a winter home on the shore of Lake Champlain.”

Warm brown knits are officially trending, and for that, we’re thankful. Wear these with your favorite wide-leg plaid pants for the ultimate laid-back yet chic look.

This puffer-style parka feels like the ultimate East Coast winter staple. Especially in this specific hue—there’s something about camel that always looks expensive.

News flash: Even if you’re currently sitting at your desk in a T-shirt and sandals, you can’t outrun fall forever. Once the temperatures drop, you’ll be thankful you invested in this cozy-chic coat (with the best pockets). Reminder: This oversize, relaxed fit is every editor’s favorite shortcut to looking cool and effortless right through fall.

Sure, you might need a pair of fleece tights for this one, but that’s part of the preppy charm. Is it fall if you haven’t broken out your favorite heritage prints yet?

Found: the most elegant way to add a little zest to your look. Add to your favorite high-rise jeans, a black midi skirt, the matching pants… It all works somehow.

I’ve never met a pair of wide-leg pants I wasn’t crazy about. (Just ask my co-workers.) Pair with an oversize knit and the matching blazer shopped out above for a sharp office look, or make more casual by way of your favorite graphic tee. PS, again, you’ve found another sustainable item you can be proud of: These are made from over 65% recycled polyester.

I’ve saved the best for last. This isn’t your mom’s very ’80s take on the ’20s flapper trend—no, this is something decidedly more wearable. Snag for the next wedding on your iCal and thank me later. (Oh, and did I mention it was made from 100% recycled polyester?)

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