3 Skirt Trends You'll See Chic People Wearing This Fall


(Image credit: @emilisindlev)

We’re not questioning the dominance of a certain leopard-print midi skirt everybody and their mother (IRL and on Instagram) seemed to own this past season. It’s good. As we began bolstering our wardrobes for the change in seasons, though, we started wondering what the next It skirt style would be. After consulting our trusty Magic 8-Ball (i.e., systematically perusing the feeds of our favorite street style stars), we’re ready to place bets on not one but three skirt trends that are about to be major. We’re talking plaids just dying to take part in a pattern-clashing moment, button-front styles with a retro touch, and fun asymmetrical picks rendered in just about every fabric. Keep reading to get a jump on fall’s three must-know skirt trends before everyone else does.

1. Asymmetrical Skirts


(Image credit: @chloechill)

Don’t worry: These aren’t the same as those early ’00s asymmetrical skirts that came with a ton of extra fabric and looked super jagged. (Boy, that sure was a weird, polarizing time for skirts, huh?) We’re talking elevated midi-length beauties that take the au courant wrap style to the next level.

2. Plaid Skirts


(Image credit: @slipintostyle)

Even if you’re getting a bit exhausted of fashion’s seemingly unwavering ’90s obsession (hi, we see you and we hear you), you’ve got to admit that the return of plaid is a Very Good Thing—especially if you’re into the whole print-clashing concept. Mixing prints takes the Cher Horowitz–approved trend to another level (and makes it feel more punk than prep).

3. Button-Front Skirts


(Image credit: @ada_oguntodu)

Also on the rise? Button-front skirts of all lengths and materials. There’s a certain retro feel about them that we always appreciate, not to mention an attention to detail we fashion girls can never get enough of. The vivid orange shade (ICYMI, neon is back!) pictured above feels very directional, as does Rejina Pyo’s faux-leather baby-blue style (see below).

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