The Prettiest Things on My Nordstrom Wish List Right Now

I don’t normally wake up and think to myself, Today I want to wear something pretty. Most mornings, there’s actually very little thought involved in my getting-ready process, aside from how many more episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I’m halfway through my rewatch, okay?) I can possibly squeeze in before I’ll be missed at my desk. I then pull on the same black jumpsuit and call it a day.

Besides that, the word “pretty” has taken on some pretty loaded, pretty sexist connotations over the last couple of decades. (Please go read my co-worker Amanda Montell’s fascinating article on the subject.) I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and about the different ways we can go about reclaiming the word and defining it for ourselves. After all, my “pretty” is going to look pretty different from your “pretty.”

All of which is to say that when I show you my roundup of “pretty” items I have stashed in my shopping cart, I’m not talking solely about ruffly “feminine” (say hello to another word we need to have a collective chat about) pieces. There’s certainly some pink involved, but there’s also plenty of black leather—because we’re all people of contradictions, no? Keep reading to see what’s been catching my eye at Nordstrom as of late.

In the mood for a non-printed jumpsuit? This J.Crew wrap-style pick might be more up your alley.

The sky-blue velvet lift you need right about now.

Classically pretty, no? See also: this romantic Ref maxi dress (psst—now on sale for just $59).

See Karen Blanchard’s snake-print Topshop bag up top? Nordstrom’s got it in baby blue, and I don’t know about you, but I’m into it.

I never thought I’d be this into pink.

Now trending: sheer shirts. So many ways to style them, too.

Lace-up boots at one of the nicest prices. (Also, please take a gander at Tibi’s flawless iteration.)

A fun, affordable way to buy into the gold coin necklace trend. Especially here in L.A., astrology capital of the universe.

There’s always something pretty about impeccable tailoring.

Your favorite ’90s riot grrrls called… They’re going to let us continue to borrow their favorite shrunken cardigans.

Capital-P pretty (but easy enough to toughen up).

This color always does it for me.

“Ugly” sandals are actually kind of pretty, no?

Checked blazers are still in, only the prints are getting a bit brighter and more interesting.

Here’s an easy way to elevate even the most basic of shoe styles.

Pricey, yes, but pretty. And iconic.

Ooh, shiny! Tiger’s-eye is our current favorite gemstone.

Did we mention we’re into shiny things? 

Another ’90s-esque piece that’ll instantly update your new-season wardrobe.

The color, the structure, the stitching—Danse Lente has done it again.

If we had to pick a favorite color, this just might be it.

In need of further fall shopping picks? Check out four color combos that’ll make you look truly innovative.

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