8 Home Décor Trends You'll See in Every Fashion Girl's Space This Season

Disclaimer: I'm not a home design expert. I'm a fashion editor who happens to be building a house, so I'm currently on high home-décor trend alert. I've received a significant amount of inspiration from Instagram (as one does), and much of it is via the fashion influencers I follow. Stylish women naturally prioritize having stylish living spaces, and sure, beautiful shoes lining the floor and Byredo candles certainly help build an aesthetic, but keeping up with the latest home décor trends is also paramount.

Home décor trends certainly don't change as quickly as fashion trends (thank god). And although there may be some sticker shock, investing in them is often more of a long-term commitment, especially for furniture pieces. I've been keeping an eye out for trends that seem to be sticking around for a while as well as those that are starting to bubble up this fall. So whether you need to furnish an entire house like me (wish me luck!) or are just in need of a few pieces to freshen things up a bit, consider this required reading. 

Keep scrolling for the eight biggest home décor trends I've spotted on Instagram this fall and shop my picks for each.

Black Marble

Gray-and-white Carrara marble is a classic, but lately I've been seeing more and more black marble pieces, whether via an accent table or just a small tray or the like. It lends a dramatic element to a room and creates contrast in a room full of white and neutral hues.

Jaru Sculptures

There's a fun '80s feel creeping into the most stylish homes (and the most stylish closets), and one of the easiest ways to get it is via a ceramic Jaru sculpture. You'll find plenty on Etsy and eBay and on the Instagram of cool-girl vintage purveyor Abigail Bell Vintage.

Mushroom Lamps

Lighting can do a lot for a bland living space, and one of the ways to make a big impact without spending a lot of money is with a mushroom lamp. This retro style is currently adorning the tables of so many influencers in my feed.


With fall in full swing and winter approaching, it's no surprise that a fabric as cozy as bouclé would be trending. And don't worry—it'll still look appropriate come spring and summer.

Rattan Chairs

All things rattan have been wildly popular for several seasons now, and it's rattan chairs (for both dining or lounging) that seem to have the most staying power. Want to make the trend fall-friendly? Pair it with a faux-fur throw or the above bouclé pillows.

Arched Mirrors

One of the items you'll see in pretty much every French girl's apartment is an arched mirror. It's the perfect low-commitment topper for a mantel or dresses, and makes for great selfies.

Tulip Tables

The midcentury modern look is still alive and well, and tulip tables are the perfect subtle way to embrace it, whether in the form of a side table or a dining table. 

Retro Curved Chairs

I've seen lots of retro chairs (an overarching trend, clearly) on Instagram as of late, and I love the way they make even the most boring of spaces look cool. Look for features like curbed backs, tulip swivel bases, and velvet.

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