I Own 17 Pairs of Jeans—These 4 Are My Favorites

I can think of at least a dozen reasons why there's no wrong time to buy a new pair of jeans (nine times out of 10, you'll find me in high-rise denim and a crop top during summer), but I still end up purchasing the majority of my pairs in the fall. Can you blame me? There's simply no sweater, turtleneck, blazer, or boot style that looks less than 100% awesome paired with a cool pair of jeans.

If you're thinking, "prove it," I'm already one step ahead of you. I may currently own 17 pairs of jeans (yes, I counted, and yes, I'm a little embarrassed), but these four I just found at Saks are the only ones I'll wear this season. Looking for foolproof denim outfits to wear for fall? Today I'm sharing the tops I personally think look best with each pair too. As for the rest of the outfit? You really can't go wrong, so I'll leave the accessorizing up to you.